VIDEO FEATURE: Going out with Jake: Episode 1 - Laser Tag

By Jason Bryant Amateur Wrestling News | June 29, 2010, 11:19 p.m. (ET)
When Jake Herbert has a chance to get away from wrestling for a short time, he chooses a variety of activities.

When amongst friends, Jake is also extremely competitive, but has a very goofy way of showing it. On Thursday, he joined several others for a game of laser tag at Laser Quest in Colorado Springs.

Joining in on the fun were Andy Hrovat, Marty Usman, Destin McCauley, Angel Escobedo, Ellis Coleman, and C.C. Weber. Who would come home with the championship? Would any of the wrestling crew be able to knock off Jake? Would Jake even be able to counter the strong group of Laser Quest regulars, many of whom spend much more time firing lasers and have the experience factor?

We start a series called "Going out with Jake," the first in a number of short video features with our athletes heading up to the World Championships in September.

Watch Episode 1 Below