Minnesota wins freestyle crown to claim double titles at Cadet National Duals

By Andrew Hipps InterMat | June 27, 2010, 12:55 a.m. (ET)
Team Minnesota celebrates its Cadet National Duals freestyle title. Photo courtesy of Andrew Hipps

ROCHESTER, Minn. -- Host Minnesota proved that it's more than a Greco-Roman wrestling state by doubling up and winning the freestyle competition at the 2010 Cadet National Duals on Saturday. Minnesota 1 defeated Illinois, 44-24, in the championship match in a rematch of last year's freestyle final won by Illinois.

"Obviously, the Greco tradition in Minnesota is still alive and strong, but it's amazing what Minnesota is doing in freestyle," said Minnesota Cadet Director Jim Moulsoff. "These guys are the next generation. I have never seen so much depth. There's maybe a point or point and a half difference between the top guy and the fourth guy. It's that deep. It says a lot about the clubs, coaches, and the kids dedicating themselves to the sport in Minnesota."

Minnesota started strong in the championship match against Pennsylvania, getting wins from Gannon Volk (84), Jarred Oftedahl (91), Tristan Manderfeld (98), and Nate Thomas (105) to take a commanding 14-2 lead.

Illinois then went on a run of its own, winning the next five matches to cut the deficit to 19-17. Getting wins for Illinois during the run were Jared Cortez (112), Bryce Brill (119), Ernest Bataglia (125), Ben Whitford (130), and Zane Richards (135).

Cortez, a Cadet Nationals freestyle runner-up, dropped the first period, but came back to win the final two periods against Cadet Nationals Greco-Roman runner-up Sam Brancale of Minnesota. Brill needed three periods to defeat Minnesota's Mitch Bengtson.

Illinois then bumped Whitford, who competed primarily at 125 pounds, up to 130 pounds and slid Ernest Bataglia into the 125-pound slot. Batagilia fell behind early against Minnesota's Juan Torres, but battled back to win in three periods.

Whitford, a Cadet Nationals freestyle champion, was impressive wrestling up a weight class at 130 pounds and defeating two-time Minnesota state high school champion Dakota Trom in two straight periods. Illinois then bumped Cadet Nationals double All-American Zane Richards up to 135 pounds, where he defeated Minnesota's Jake Short in a controversial three-period match that was decided in the clinch.

"We kind of tried to play some matchups," said Illinois coach Donny Reynolds. "We got caught with some unfortunate losses early on, close matches that we were expecting to win."

Brandon Kingsley stopped the bleeding for Minnesota with a technical fall victory over Angelo Silvestro at 140 pounds. Kingsley's win started a run of four consecutive victories for Minnesota. Daniel Woiwor (145) won by decision, Nick Wanzek (152) picked up a pin, and
Tommy Longendyke (160) won by decision, which gave Minnesota its biggest lead of the dual at 34-20.

Jack Dechow, a 2010 Cadet Nationals folkstyle champion, picked up a win for Illinois at 171 pounds to stop the run and cut the deficit to 35-23.

Minnesota then closed out the dual with victories from Adam Josephson (189), Michael Kroells (215), and Tim Twohey (285) to take the dual 44-24.

Josephson, who went a combined 16-2 in the freestyle and Greco-Roman competition, put up 14 points in a two-period victory over 2009 Cadet Nationals double runner-up Sam Brooks.

"From where Adam was last year to where he is now is incredible," said Moulsoff. "He beat a very tough kid from Illinois, but he also beat a very tough kid from Pennsylvania. Adam just keeps getting better and better. He's a very smart young man. He can make the adjustments in the match. He's like your ideal athlete and he's hard-nosed. He knows the situation all the time. What a performance."

Moulsoff, who also serves as an assistant wrestling coach at Augsburg College, knew Minnesota had a special group that was capable of winning both styles.

"They're a real focused group," said Moulsoff. "They doubled up when they were Schoolboys. Now they double up again. So this is four National Dual team titles for this group. I don't know what to say, other than it's a big privilege to work with them. It's just an incredible group of young men."

Moulsoff also believes that having the event at the Regional Sports Center in Rochester, Minnesota may have given Minnesota a slight advantage.

"I would say there's probably a little bit of an advantage because the kids are so familiar with this building," said Moulsoff. "They wrestle all their big youth tournaments in here. They come here for The Clash. They come here for the Christmas Tournament. So it's kind of like home. They're very comfortable."

Reynolds, who competed collegiately for the University of Illinois, was pleased with the performance of Illinois throughout the event despite the finals loss to Minnesota.

"All of our kids wrestled their butts off," said Reynolds. "They all did what they were told. That's all we can ask of them. You're going to make mistakes out on the mat when you're trying to compete. As long as you wrestle hard, we can't really ask any more than that."

Reynolds believes the Cadet National Duals are a great tune-up the Cadet & Junior Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota that take place in late July.

"I think this is definitely the best pre-determinant for Fargo," said Reynolds. "You come out here and you're wrestling every state's best guys. You get to see where you're at against the best competition in the country, what you need to work on, things you may need to tweak before you get to the national tournament."

Pennsylvania 1 came in third in the freestyle competition with a 41-33 victory over Iowa. Pennsylvania held a narrow 36-33 lead heading in to the final match of the dual, but heavyweight Brooks Black, who went undefeated in the freestyle and Greco-Roman competition, closed out the dual with a pin in the first period in just under a minute.

Pennsylvania coach Cameron Plocus understands the importance of having a dominant closer like Black at heavyweight.

"It's key," said Plocus. "It's the best thing in the world going in to heavyweight and knowing you don't have to worry."

Pennsylvania's only loss in the freestyle competition came to Illinois, 42-32, in the pool championship round. Pennsylvania trailed Illinois by just one point after 152 pounds, but Illinois took four of the final five matches to take the dual.

"There were three matches that came down to the third period that I felt we should have won," said Plocus of Pennsylvania's loss to Illinois. "That was the turning point in the match. It's a long weekend. A lot of our athletes did awesome, but it's not what we expected. We expect ourselves to be in the finals."

In addition to Black going undefeated in the freestyle and Greco-Roman competition for Pennsylvania, 145-pounder Chance Marsteller finished the four-day event with an unblemished record.

"Chance has such great position," said Plocus. "It's so hard to score on him. He hangs on to you and just wears you down. When it gets in to the third period, you can't keep up with him. Guys just fall to the mat and give up takedowns to him."

Missouri finished fifth in the freestyle competition with a 39-34 victory over Michigan 1. New Jersey defeated California, 53-17, to finish seventh.

at Rochester, Minn., June 19

Freestyle Championship Results

First Place - Minnesota 1
Second Place - Illinois
Third Place - Pennsylvania 1
Fourth Place - Iowa
Fifth Place - Missouri
Sixth Place - Michigan 1
Seventh Place - New Jersey
Eighth Place - California

First Place: Minnesota 1 defeated Illinois, 44-24
Third Place: Pennsylvania 1 defeated Iowa, 41-33
Fifth Place: Missouri defeated Michigan 1, 39-34
Seventh Place: New Jersey defeated California, 53-17

Consolation 1 Bracket
Wisconsin defeated Ohio, 45-24

Consolation 2 Bracket
North Dakota defeated Tennessee, 59-16

Consolation 3 Bracket
Texas defeated Colorado, 38-28

Consolation 4 Bracket
Utah defeated South Dakota, 55-18

Championship Match
Minnesota 1 44, Illinois 24

84 - Gannon Volk (Minnesota 1) over Carlos Fuentes (Illinois) Dec 5-0,5-1
91 - Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota 1) over Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) Pin 0:18
98 - Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota 1) over Jordan Laster (Illinois) Dec 1-0,3-0
105 - Nate Thomas (Minnesota 1) over Sebastian Pique (Illinois) Dec 1-0,5-1
112 - Jared Cortez (Illinois) over Sam Brancale (Minnesota 1) Dec 0-4,2-0,2-0
119 - Bryce Brill (Illinois) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota 1) Dec 7-2,2-2,3-0
125 - Ernest Bataglia (Illinois) over Juan Torres (Minnesota 1) Dec 6-8,6-0,3-2
130 - Ben Whitford (Illinois) over Dakota Trom (Minnesota 1) Dec 3-0,7-4
135 - Zane Richards (Illinois) over Jake Short (Minnesota 1) Dec 3-3,0-3,2-0
140 - Brandon Kingsley (Minnesota 1) over Angelo Silvestro (Illinois) TF 9-2,6-0
145 - Daniel Woiwor (Minnesota 1) over Brian Murphy (Illinois) Dec 0-7,4-0,3-2
152 - Nick Wanzek (Minnesota 1) over Cameron Mammen (Illinois) Pin 1:07
160 - Tommy Longendyke (Minnesota 1) over Dan Rowland (Illinois) Dec 1-0,4-1
171 - Jack Dechow (Illinois) over Richard Carlson (Minnesota 1) Dec 3-1,4-3
189 - Adam Josephson (Minnesota 1) over Sam Brooks (Illinois) Dec 5-5,9-6
215 - Michael Kroells (Minnesota 1) over Brad Johnson (Illinois) Dec 1-0,6-0
285 - Tim Twohey (Minnesota 1) over Michael Johnson (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0

Third Place Match
Pennsylvania 1 44, Iowa 33

84 - Colin Mashack (Pennsylvania 1) by forfeit
91 - Derek Miller (Iowa) by forfeit
98 - Phillip Laux (Iowa) over Darien Cruz (Pennsylvania 1) Dec 2-1,0-1,1-1
105 - Zeke Moisey (Pennsylvania 1) over Leighton Gaul (Iowa) TF 7-0,7-0
112 - Vito Pasone (Pennsylvania 1) over Logan Ryan (Iowa) Dec 6-1,2-5,6-1
119 - Jack Hathaway (Iowa) over Corey Keener (Pennsylvania 1) Dec 2-3,1-1,1-0
125 - Zach Ross (Pennsylvania 1) over JC Vercande (Iowa) TF 6-0,6-0
130 - Laike Gardner (Pennsylvania 1) over Logan Thomsen (Iowa) TF 6-0,9-3
135 - Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Casey Kent (Pennsylvania 1) Pin 1:18
140 - Jake Marlin (Iowa) over Blake Bowman (Pennsylvania 1) Pin 3-5,0:34
145 - Gabriel Moreno (Iowa) over Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania 1) Dec 3-0,7-0
152 - Tim Riley (Pennsylvania 1) over Juwan Parrish (Iowa) Pin 1:16
160 - Andras Lukacs-Farkas (Iowa) over Elliott Riddick (Pennsylvania 1) Dec 3-2,1-0
171 - Dakota DesLauriers (Pennsylvania 1) over Casey Rohret (Iowa) TF 7-0,6-0
189 - Mickey Pelfrey (Iowa) over Ryan Solomon (Pennsylvania 1) Dec 4-0,2-1
215 - Dawson Peck (Pennsylvania 1) over Joe Scanlan (Iowa) Dec 0-1,1-0,4-1
285 - Brooks Black (Pennsylvania 1) over Jake Scanlan (Iowa) Pin 0:59

Fifth Place Match
Missouri 39, Michigan 1 34

84 - Gaven Daniels (Michigan 1) by forfeit
91 - Noah Teaney (Missouri) over Brandon Cameron (Michigan 1) Pin 6-0,0:33
98 - Zac Hall (Michigan 1) over Daniel Lewis (Missouri) Dec 4-0,5-2
105 - Jacob Schmitt (Michigan 1) over Jaret Singh (Missouri) TF 2-4,7-1,6-0
112 - Cody Hummer (Missouri) over Hunter Machus (Michigan 1) Dec 1-0,7-0
119 - Brant Schafer (Michigan 1) over Russell Coleman (Missouri) Dec 3-0,6-1
125 - Darick Lapaglia (Missouri) over Josh Pennell (Michigan 1) Dec 0-6,4-3,6-4
130 - Zach McClure (Missouri) over Logan Marcicki (Michigan 1) Forf
135 - David Evans (Missouri) over John Weldon (Michigan 1) Dec 6-0,5-0
140 - Payne Hayden (Michigan 1) over Michael Cuthbertson (Missouri) Dec 2-0,1-0
145 - Travis Curley (Michigan 1) over Tony Clinesmith (Missouri) Dec 5-4,6-0
152 - Matthew Schieber (Missouri) over Andrew Garcia (Michigan 1) Dec 5-2,7-0
160 - Sinjon Adams (Missouri) over Kyle Lake (Michigan 1) Pin 7-0,0:42
171 - Jonathon Inman (Missouri) over Gage Hutchinson (Michigan 1) Dec 7-0,5-2
189 - Hashem Omari (Missouri) over Brian Moran (Michigan 1) Pin 0:27
215 - Adam Coon (Michigan 1) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 - Logan Rimmer (Michigan 1) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Seventh Place Match
New Jersey 53, California 17

84 - Tyler Casamenti (New Jersey) over Randall Howe (California) Dec 2-0,1-0
91 - Tirso Lara (California) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
98 - Joe McKenna (New Jersey) over Gionn Peralta (California) TF 7-0,7-0
105 - Kasey Klaus (California) over Micah Hight (New Jersey) Dec 3-3,2-2,6-0
112 - Paul Klee (California) over Anthony Ashnault (New Jersey) Dec 3-1,3-4,3-3
119 - Ali Nasser (California) over Mike Pongracz (New Jersey) TF 6-0,6-0
125 - Brandon Keller (New Jersey) over Joseph Ramirez (California) Pin 1:21
130 - TJ Miller (New Jersey) over Drue Bosco (California) Pin 6-0,1:03
135 - Toby Hague (New Jersey) over Vincent Richmond (California) TF 7-0,6-0
140 - Wayne Stinson (New Jersey) over Adam Pain (California) Dec 6-0,6-4
145 - Russ Parsons (New Jersey) over Jovan Villalobos (California) TF 6-0,6-0
152 - Mike DiVito (New Jersey) over Ruben Jazo (California) Dec 3-2,6-0
160 - Ryan Harrington (New Jersey) over Caleb Alvarado (California) TF 6-0,7-0
171 - Jadean Bernstein (New Jersey) over Chris Lai (California) TF 6-0,6-0
189 - Eric McMullen (New Jersey) over Jordan Sepeda (California) TF 6-0,6-0
215 - Dave Farr (New Jersey) over Colton Kloack (California) Pin 1:27
285 - Greg Webb (New Jersey) over Ofa Santos (California) Dec 2-0,2-0

All Tournament Freestyle - Cadet National Duals

Thomas Walton - North Dakota 6-0
Jarred Oftedahl - Minnesota 7-0

Jacob Schmitt - Michigan 10-0

Jared Cortez - Illinois 10-0

Jack Hathaway - Iowa 11-0
Bryce Brill - Illinois 7-0

Ben Whitford - Illinois 9-0

Zane Richards - Illinois 10-0

Brandon Sorensen - Iowa 11-0

Aaron Lopez - Tennessee 9-0
Brandon Kingsley - Minnesota 7-0

Chance Marsteller - Pennsylvania 10-0
Jared Reis - North Dakota 8-0
Ryan Gartner - Wisconsin 6-0

Zach Beard - Oklahoma 9-0
Cougar Babin - Texas 7-0
Tim Riley - Pennsylvania 7-0
Ryan Gartner - Wisconsin 6-0
Nick Wanzek - Minnesota 6-0

Ryan Harrington - New Jersey 11-0
Andras Lukacs-Farkas - Iowa 6-0
Dan Rowland - Illinois 6-0

Matt Reed - Kansas 6-0

Nick Cobb - Texas 8-0
Hashem Omari - Missouri 8-0

Luke Bean - Oklahoma 7-0
Adam Coon - Michigan 8-0

Tim Twohey - Minnesota 8-0
Brooks Black - Pennsylvania 8-0