Four U S women win titles in Canada Cup Pre Junior division

By Gary Abbott | July 07, 2010, 11:18 a.m. (ET)
Erin Golston of the USA receives her gold medal at 43 kg at the Canada Cup in the Pre-Junior division. Shannyn Gillespie photo

GUELPH, Canada - Four young U.S. women wrestlers won gold medals in the pre-Junior division at the 2010 Canada Cup on Sunday.

Capturing gold medals were:
- Erin Golston (Lake in the Hills, Ill./USOEC) at 43 kg/94.75 lbs.
- Alex Gomez (Bakersfield, Calif./Elite Force) at 49 kg/107.75 lbs.
- Kayla Brendlinger (Slippery Rock, Pa.) at 52 kg/114.5 lbs.
- Krista Revelle, Meriden, Kansas (Kansas Krusaders) at 60 kg/132 lbs.

USA Wrestling entered its U.S. FILA Cadet team, which included participants at the Body Bar FILA Cadet Nationals in May. Golston is a member of the U.S. FILA Junior World Team.

The United States won the team title in the women's division of the Pre-Junior division with 55 points, followed by Team Ontario with 34 points and Canada with 28 points.

Golston defeated Patricia Martin of the USA in the championship finals. Gomez defeated Madison Parks of Canada in the gold-medal match. Brendlinger defeated Alexa Momy of Timmons in her final bout. Revelle stopped Natalia Rodriguez of Puerto Rico in the finals.

Golston was a FILA Junior Nationals champion this year, while Gomez and Revelle were FILA Cadet National champions. Brendlinger was second at the FILA Cadet Nationals.

The U.S. had two silver medalists, Martin and Aleah LaFrancis (Vista, Calif./No Mercy School of Wrestling at 65 kg/143.25 lbs.

Capturing a bronze medal was Tanya Kusse (Webster, N.Y./Titan Worldwide) at 56 kg/123.25 lbs.

At Guelph, Canada, July 4

43 kg/94.75 lbs.
Gold - Erin Golston, USA
Silver - Patricia Martin, USA
Bronze - Darby Huckle, Team ONT
4th - Tia McDonald, Team ONT
5th - Shaylynn McDonald, Team ONT
6th - Sarah Remillard, Canada

46 kg/101.25 lbs.
Gold - Jose Tremblay, Canada
Silver - Valerie Oullette, Canada
Bronze - Bethany Kuntz, Matmen
4th - Myckala Magennis,Team ONT

49 kg/107.75 lbs.
Gold - Alex Gomez, USA
Silver - Madison Parks, Canada
Bronze - Jade Papke, Matmen
4th - Jasmine Yanez, USA
5th - Carissa Holland, AUS
6th - Nesmarie Rodriguez, PUR

52 kg/114.5 lbs.
Gold - Kayla Brendlinger, USA
Silver - Alexa Momy, Timmins
Bronze - Lissa Wainman, Team ONT
4th - Siobhan Esquerra, USA
5th - Megan Kingsbury, Team ONT
6th - Jessica Brouillette, Team ONT

56 kg/123.25 lbs.
Gold - Linda Morais, Team ONT
Silver - Braxton Papadopoulos, Team ONT
Bronze - Tanya Kusse, USA
4th - Yireliz Rivera, PUR
5th - Brazil Marquez, USA
6th - Alyssa LeFrancis, USA

60 kg/132 lbs.
Gold - Krista Revelle, USA
Silver - Natalia Rodriguez, PUR
Bronze - Stephanie Tonn, Team ONT
4th - Indira Moores, Team ONT
5th - Delphine Amealia, L' essor
6th - Josee St. John, Timmins

65 kg/143.25 lbs.
Gold - Dorothy Yates, Canada
Silver - Aleah LaFrancis, USA
Bronze - Kelsey Daylor, Team ONT
4th - Kally Olson, Team ONT
5th - Kaitlyn Castonguay, Team ONT

70 kg/154.25 lbs.
Gold - Kelsey Gsell, Saskatchewan
Silver - Dayanara Rivera, PUR
Bronze - Sabrina Kelly, Bears W.C.
4th - Kimberly Spiegel, USA
5th - Samantha Demers Timmins
6th - Amy Werden, Team ONT

U.S. performances

43 kg/94.75 lbs. - Erin Golston, Lake in the Hills, Ill. (USOEC), 1st
WIN Darby Huckel (Team Ontario)
WIN Tia McDonald (Team Ontario)
WIN Patricia Martin (USA)

43 kg/94.75 lbs. - Patricia Martin, Traverse City, Mich. (TCSF), 2nd
WIN Sara Remillard (Canada)
WIN Shaylynn McDonald (Team Ontario)
LOSS Erin Golston (USA)

49 kg/107.75 lbs. - Alex Gomez, Bakersfield, Calif. (Elite Force), 1st
WIN Jade Papke (Matmen)
WIN Cassie Leigh (Team Ontario)
WIN Nesmarie Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
WIN Madison Parks (Canada)

49 kg/107.75 lbs. - Jasmine Yanez, Gilroy, Calif. (Gilroy Hawks), 4th
WIN Victoria Day (Team Ontario)
LOSS Madison Parks (Canada)
WIN Carissa Holland (Australia)
LOSS Jade Papke (Matmen)

49 kg/107.75 lbs. - Kalin Knight-Alvarez, Vista, Calif. (No Mercy School of Wrestling), dnp
LOSS Madison Parks (Canada)
LOSS Jade Papke (Matmen)

52 kg/114.5 lbs. - Kayla Brendlinger, Slippery Rock, Pa., 1st
WIN Megan Kingsbury (Team Ontario)
WIN Jessica Brouilette (Team Ontario)
WIN Alexa Momy (Timmons)

52 kg/114.5 lbs. - Siobhan Esquerra, West Covina, Calif. (Wolverines), 4th
LOSS Alexa Momy (Timmins)
WIN Jessica Brouillette (Team Ontario)
LOSS Lissa Wainman (Team Ontario)

56 kg/123.25 lbs. - Tanya Kusse, Webster, N.Y. (Titan Worldwide), 3rd
LOSS Linda Morais (Team Ontario)
WIN Hanna Franson (Canada)
WIN Brazel Marquez (USA)
WIN Yireliz Rivera (Puerto Rico), pin

56 kg/123.25 lbs. - Brazel Marquez, Diamond Bar, Calif. (California Grapplers), 5th
WIN Andrea Wakelin (Team Ontario)
LOSS Braxton Papadopoulos (Team Ontario)
LOSS Tanya Kusse (USA)
WIN Alyssa LaFrancis (USA), pin

60 kg/132 lbs. - Alyssa LaFrancis, Vista, Calif. (No Mercy School of Wrestling), 6th
WIN Julie St. Jean (Timmins)
LOSS Linda Morais (Team Ontario)
LOSS Yireliz Rivera (Puerto Rico)
LOSS Brazel Marquez (USA), pin

60 kg/132 lbs. - Krista Revelle, Meriden, Kansas (Kansas Krusaders), 1st
WIN Stephanie Tonn (Team Ontario)
WIN Josee St. John (Timmons)
WIN Natalia Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)

65 kg/143.25 lbs - Aleah LaFrancis, Vista, Calif. (No Mercy School of Wrestling), 2nd
LOSS Dorothy Yeats (Canada)
WIN Kelsey Daylor (Team Ontario)
WIN Kaitly Castonguay (Team Ontario)
WIN Kally Olson (Team Ontario)

70 kg/154.25 lbs. - Kim Spiegel, Port Trevorton, Pa. (Team Pennsylvania), 4th
WIN Victoria Larocca (Impact)
LOSS Kelsey Gsell (Saskatchewan)
WIN Amy Werden (Team Ontario), pin
LOSS Sabrina Kelly (Bears WC)

Team Standings
1. United States, 55
2. Team Ontario, 34
3. Canada, 28
4. Puerto Rico, 18
5. (tie) Matmen, Saskatchewan, Timmins, 10