A testimonial about why you should Get On The List for the Living the Dream Medal Fund

By Larry Nugent | Aug. 30, 2010, 10:37 a.m. (ET)
U.S. Greco-Roman World Team member Jake Clark is on the phone during the Living the Dream Medal Fund Telethon webcast on Friday, August 20. Team USA members talked with wrestling fans during this benefit broadcast

Last week's Living the Dream Medal Fund Telethon was a big success, allowing thousands of people to learn more about this exciting program which supports the Olympic dreams of America's top international wrestlers.

One of the great aspects of the telethon was the interaction between the 2010 U.S. World Team athletes with the wrestling fans around the nation. Throughout the two hour broadcast, the American Wrestling Team was speaking on the telephone with those who support them directly.

One wrestling supporter gave a personal testimonial about why he enjoyed the telethon and why he chooses to donate to the program. This posting was made on the WrestlingNation Message Boards, and is reprinted with permission from Tom Handrick, the person who posted it.

I had a very memorable evening. Friday night, as I was watching TV, my phone rang and it came up on caller ID as unavailable which usually means a telemarketer. I answered it anyway. It was not a telemarketer, it was World Team Member Jake Clark on the line. As part of the LIVING THE DREAM MEDAL FUND fundraiser, Jake called to thank me for my past contribution to the fund. We talked a little wrestling and he thanked me for Brett Favre because he is a Viking fan and I am a Packer fan. He told me he had wrestled at our high school in Minocqua, WI in the early to mid 90's in the first Wisconsin-Minnesota senior dual which was organized by Dave Black, Rick Ernst and some Minnesota coaches. I don't specifically remember Jake from that event but I was there and it was and still is a great event. At no time did Jake ask for a donation to the fund. It was really neat and touching that a world team member called me (a nobody, just a huge fan) to thank me for my previous contribution. I had already planned on contributing again but after that call I am going to at least double my previous commitment. I have made a lot of donations in my life but the thank you call tonight makes my donation to the fund the easiest and perhaps the best donation I have ever made. THANK YOU Jake Clark and USA Wrestling for making my day. I am honored to help our premier athletes in their quest to become World and Olympic champions. I WILL be in London in 2012 to cheer you on.

This wrestling supporter explains why you should consider making the decision to "Get On The List" and support the Living The Dream Medal Fund.

It can be your personal statement, symbolizing your understanding and appreciation of the incredible path of desire and sacrifice these U.S. World Team athletes have made for their Olympic dream. These athletes will be representing all of America in Russia in just a few days.

The current campaign for the Living the Dream Medal Fund, which was kicked off at the telethon, will continue through the 2010 World Wrestling Championships in Moscow, Russia, Sept. 6-12.

The Living the Dream Medal Fund was established to substantially increase the financial rewards for U.S. wrestlers who win Olympic and World medals during this four-year Olympic cycle.

Any U.S. wrestler who wins a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England will receive a quarter-million dollars ($250,000). Silver medalists in London will earn $50,000 and bronze medalists in London will receive $25,000. The payout for a World Championships medal in 2009, 2010 and 2011 will be $50,000 for a gold, $25,000 for a silver and $15,000 for a bronze.

Go to www.LivingTheDreamMedalFund.com and make a donation. It's not the amount that counts. What counts is that the "List" is growing, and the American Wrestling Community is sending a clear message of support to the athletes representing them against their foreign competitors.