U S athletes to compete in Beach World Championships in Montenegro August 29

By Gary Abbott | Aug. 27, 2010, 10:26 a.m. (ET)
U.S. Beach World Team members Anthony Gallton and Stephen Franko IV in their match at the 2010 U.S. Beach World Team Trials. Pat Fox photo.

Five U.S. athletes will compete at the 2010 Beach World Championships, set for Budva, Montenegro on Sunday, August 29.

Among the U.S. athletes are two-time Beach World bronze medalist Jeff Funicello (Mesa, Ariz./American Pankration) at the Under 85 kg/187.5 lbs. division and 2007 Beach World bronze medalist Carlos Dolmo (Bronx, N.Y./Blast Double NY) in the Over 85 kg/187.5 lbs division.

The other three U.S. competitors will be competing in their first World Championships

2010 U.S. Beach World Team Trials champion Anthony Gallton (Rochester, N.Y./Downtown Fitness Club) will compete in the Under 85 kg/187.5 lbs. division.

The other U.S. competitors are Stephen Franko IV (Tunkhannock, Pa./unattached) in the Under 85 kg/187.5 lbs. division and Brett Giehl (Livonia, N.Y./Livonia WC) in the Over 85 kg/187.5 lbs. division. Both placed second at the U.S. Beach World Team Trials in Rochester, N.Y. this year.

The United States is seeking its first Beach World champion. The U.S. has participated in the Beach World competitions going back to the first FILA event in 2006, when it was held with the World Wrestling Games in Antalya, Turkey.

The quest for a Beach World title is important to the U.S. athletes competing this weekend in Budva.

"I want to do the U.S. proud and be the first to win a World title" said Gallton.

"Everybody who competes in anything wants to win the gold" said Funicello. "That drives me to keep going."

"Wanting to be the first to accomplish winning a Beach World title is a big goal. It fuels the energy to continue to prepare and compete" said Dolmo.

At Budva, Montenegro, August 29

2010 U.S. Beach World Team

Under 85 kg/187.5 lbs. - Anthony Gallton, Rochester, N.Y. (Downtown Fitness Club)
Under 85 kg/187.5 lbs. - Stephen Franko IV, Tunkhannock, Pa. (unattached)
Under 85 kg/187.5 lbs. - Jeff Funicello, Mesa, Ariz. (American Pankration)
Over 85 kg/187.5 lbs. - Brett Giehl, Livonia, N.Y. (Livonia WC)
Over 85 kg/187.5 lbs. - Carlos Dolmo, Bronx, N.Y. (Blast Double NY)