GRAPPLING Q A with World Team Trials champion Jacob Volkmann

By Jason Townsend | Oct. 27, 2008, 11:23 a.m. (ET)
Jacob Volkmann
80 KG
Occupation: Chiropractor at Advanced Injury Rehabilitation in Roseville, Minn. What is your background, accomplishments in College, Greco-Roman wrestling and what is your MMA experience?
Volkmann: I was a 3-time All-American for the University of Minnesota, second at Greco Roman U.S. Senior Nationals, and 7-0 in MMA What got you interested in Grappling?
Volkmann: Former UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk asked me to grapple with him and I started liking it. How does it feel to be part of the Grappling World Team going to Switzerland?
Volkmann: I am excited to go. I am hoping Brazil will be there. How does Grappling prepare you for MMA competition?
Volkmann: Well, it is more important than any other single aspect of fighting, even wrestling. Is it difficult going from Wrestling to Grappling?
Volkmann: No, they go hand in hand, the most difficult thing about switching styles is staying out of the guillotine and ankle locks. What do you see in the future for Grappling?
Volkmann: Hopefully to be an Olympic sport in 2012 How does competing in Grappling compare to competing in other styles of wrestling?
Volkmann: It is a lot more fun, because if someone stalls in wrestling there is not much you can do. In grappling you can at least choke him or twist something to make him move. Is Grappling more technical?
Volkmann: Not really, a lot of the moves and concepts overlap. For example, hip pressure is important when in a cross-body ride in both styles. Do you find it more rewarding trying to submit someone or pinning someone?
Volkmann: They both are very challenging and rewarding to me. Any major differences between Wrestling and Grappling?
Volkmann: The biggest thing is being able to bring a joint to the end of its extension. Grappling is more anything goes, too. Do you encourage more wrestlers out of college to compete in Grappling?
Volkmann: I say, why wait until after college. It is very important to try different modalities especially when you are young because your muscles and coordination are developing and grappling helps you become more aware of where your body is and how far to push it. If someone plans on getting into MMA do you recommend starting with Grappling first?
Volkmann: You can do all three. In high school I wrestled and boxed at the same time. I boxed 2 days a week and could have grappled, too. What do expect in Switzerland?
Volkmann: A gold medal What other goals do have?
Volkmann: I really want to fight in the UFC someday. I am training hard and competing to make that a reality.