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By Jason Townsend | Nov. 11, 2008, 11:26 a.m. (ET)
What is a rashguard anyway?
If you have been to a Grappling tournament or had a chance to read some articles or the rules, you will have most likely seen or heard this term at some point. A rashguard is the name given to the tight-fitting lycra top worn by grapplers during competition. FILA regulations allow a grappler to wear a long-sleeve, short-sleeve or sleeveless rashguard during competition.

What's new at USA Grappling?
Currently, USA Grappling has a website under construction:

The new website will allow us to promote and develop this new style of wrestling while also providing the necessary resources to become part of USA Grappling!

Grappling around the Globe:
This has been an exciting year for the growth of the FILA World Grappling Committee (WGC), which held the first International Grappling Open in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in late August. FILA has seen the number of participating countries triple since last year in Antalya, Turkey.

In 2008, the WGC will hold the first independent World Grappling Championships in Lucerne, Switzerland on December 20-21. So far this year, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil and the USA have held World Team Trials to aide in the selection of their World Teams. Canada has scheduled its Grappling World Team Trials in Calgary, November 21-22.

You can see who has already registered to compete at the Official World Championship website:

Who's News at USA Grappling
In what is probably the athletic challenge of a lifetime, Ricky Lundell, 2007 World champion and two-time U.S. Grappling World Team Trials champion, has decided to walk-on to the Iowa State wrestling team with fellow Utah-native Cael Sanderson as his coach. Ricky had a year of college wrestling eligibility left and he didn't want to let it go to waste. Ricky has an amazing desire to improve all aspects of his Grappling game and going to Iowa State was the icing on the cake for his development as a grappler. Picturing Ricky Lundell with wrestling skills to match his grappling skills is a scary vision for any future opponents. Maybe most importantly, Lundell will get a taste of Division I conditioning, which will undoubtedly make his whole game improve to a new level.

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