USA Wrestling s General Liability Insurance Coverage increases for chartered clubs and events

By Michelle Thilges | Jan. 31, 2007, 12:10 p.m. (ET)
General Liability Insurance Coverage for USA Wrestling chartered club activities and sanctioned events has been increased to $5 million from $2 million for the 2007 membership year. This increase in liability coverage is one of the many benefits received when a club decides to charter or an event is sanctioned by USA Wrestling. The increase in coverage follows a nationwide trend necessitating increased limits of coverage to use facilities for athletic activities.

In addition, USA Wrestling was able to almost triple its coverage under the policy for covered clubs and events without any increase fees or dues for membership.

"Over the years, the amount of General Liability Insurance Coverage necessary to obtain use of facilities has increased," said Mark Scott, Director of State Services at USA Wrestling. "In order to maintain a level of General Liability Insurance Coverage that meets the needs of its membership and for the activities it sanctions, USA Wrestling was able to increase the limits of General Liability Coverage insurance for covered claims."

Under the provisions of the policy, all wrestlers practicing at USA Wrestling Chartered Clubs or competing in USA Wrestling sanctioned events must have a current USA Wrestling Competitor's membership, and coaches conducting practice must have a current USA Wrestling Coach membership.

Another reason USA Wrestling secures General Liability Insurance Coverage, with the assistance of an insurance broker, is for the protection its member coaches, member officials, chartered club directors, volunteers and event directors and volunteers under covered conditions in the policy.

"This type of insurance coverage is necessary to recruit and retain volunteers who organize and conduct USA Wrestling sanctioned activities year end and year out," said Scott.

For more information on the General Liability Insurance Coverage benefit provide for certain USA Wrestling membership categories, click here

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