2006 Freestyle Rules DVD released by USA Wrestling s National Coaches Education Program

By Ted Witulski | March 01, 2006, 5:40 p.m. (ET)
The National Coaches Education Program working with the coaches of the National Freestyle program has released a detailed DVD for Freestyle wrestling. The DVD gives an outstanding overview of the rules in which all age group athletes will compete under in the 2006 Freestyle tournaments.

The new rules are a dramatic adjustment compared to rules of the last quadrennium. However, with National Resident Coach, Terry Brands guiding coaching and athletes through the changes the new rules can be quickly understood. Included in the DVD is over an hour and a half of style specific instruction that discusses all aspects of the new rules, including the edge control point, multiple turns, and the leg clinch.

"Coaches will find that athletes under the proper guidance can quickly understand and adjust to the new rules", stated Ted Witulski NCEP Manager for USA Wrestling, "the DVD offers outstanding insight on Coach Brands' philosophy for Freestyle.

The DVD offers many looks at live action footage and incorporates several Freestyle specific drills for coaches to use in their practice rooms. Though the rules of Freestyle can change quickly with FILA's constant reinterpretations coaches will find that the strategies and tactics in this DVD give a solid foundation for the sport of wrestling.

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