Puerto Rico team to attend America s Cup for Women in New Mexico June 15 18

By America's Cup | June 05, 2006, 2:11 p.m. (ET)
The oldest Women's Wrestling invitational in the country looks like another good one. The AMERICAS CUP will feature many of the nation's top young female competitors.

The CUP, held in conjunction with USA Wrestling's Southern Plains Kids/Cadets Championship and Festival, is scheduled for the weekend of June 15-18, in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Founders David Stormo and Rusty Davidson organized the first AMERICAS CUP in 1992.

"Back in the day, before Women's Wrestling was accepted in the mainstream, we saw a need," said Davidson. "We believed the sport was legitimate and that female competitors deserved quality events. Now that we are an Olympic sport, we want to continue to serve developing women."

The 2006 AMERICAS CUP already has a 16 member delegation from Puerto Rico committed. Women from Wyoming, Arizona, and the Southern Plains Region are registered. "As always, we want to make sure everyone knows they're invited," Davidson said. "We want to make sure all our athletes get plenty of action."

Information, flyer, and details for the event are available on themat.com under the 'Schedules' banner. Registration is open to women of all ages, and will be accepted on-site.

Female athletes will be able to compete in as many as four events, during the Southern Plains Festival. The New Mexico Games has extended an special invitation to athletes for all states, and hosts a separate Women's Division. The NMG event takes place all day Thursday, June 15th.

Weigh Ins for the AMERICAS CUP are that Thursday. Competition begins Friday morning, June 16th. Women, Cadets and younger, who are residents of Southern Plains states are also eligible to compete in the boys' freestyle event on Saturday, June 17th.

The Festival will also feature an AMERICAS CUP of BEACH WRESTLING, including Women's Divisions. Preliminary rounds will be held on the evenings of June 15 and 16. Finals are scheduled for the evening of Saturday, June 17.

"It may seem like an old-fashioned concept," Davidson commented. "We still think wrestling people enjoy being invited, rather than expected. We believe wrestling is fun, first, and that kids of all ages and both genders should enjoy all our sport has to offer."

Tentative Puerto Rico women's roster for AMERICAS CUP

Yashira Tolentino, 13 yrs., 82 lbs.
Nesmarie Rodríguez, 14 yrs., 80 lbs.
Ana Soler, 13 yrs., 85 lbs.
Nichole Reyes, 12 yrs., 96 lbs.
Vicmarie Requena, 11 yrs., 99 lbs.
Xiomara Sellés, 15 yrs., 99 lbs.
Aylene Centeno, 14 yrs.,105 lbs.
Yirehliz Rivera, 14 yrs., 123 lbs.
Stefanie Pizarro, 14 yrs., 123 lbs.
Tanía Torrez, 15 yrs., 125 lbs.
Dorcas Dávila, 14 yrs.,125 lbs.
Celizet Toribio, 16 yrs.,134 lbs.
Dayanara Rivera, 13 yrs., 147 lbs.
Daritza Cruz, 15 yrs., 150 lbs.
Isabel Martinez, 18 yrs., 112 lbs.
Yahaira Morales, 18 yrs., 134 lbs.