Send in your personal Dave Schultz stories for a new book project

By Gary Abbott | Feb. 27, 2006, 12:06 p.m. (ET)
The wrestling community recently remembered one of its greatest heroes, Olympic and World champion Dave Schultz, 10 years after his murder in January 1996. One of the ways that wrestling people celebrated his life was by sharing personal stories of the man and how he touched their lives. posted a number of stories about Dave, including a story on the legacy he has left behind. A thread in's bulletin board was started, where numerous people shared their memories. Articles on Dave also appeared in W.I.N. magazine and on websites InterMat and RevWrestling. His friends also shared stories about Dave in articles published in a number of newspapers across the nation.

Jeannie Saint Germain, Dave Schultz' mother, is collecting stories and photos of Dave from those who knew him. Her intention is to collect as many personal stories, rememberances and experiences that people are willing to share, and put the best of these in a book.

"There are a lot of sweet stories out there, and a lot of very very funny ones. I want them all, and especially the ones that made people smile or laugh in the retelling," said Jeannie Saint Germain.

Saint Germain and other members of the Schultz family have enjoyed reading all of the many articles and bulletin board postings about Dave in recent weeks. The book project, something she has considered in the past, has already had a good start from the stories recently shared.

"I hope that people will not feel the need to "compose," just 'remember Dave out loud' in their own words," she said. "Anyone wanting to talk into a tape recorder can do that, too, and send it to me. The main thrust of this effort on my part is not to write a book, but to collect and arrange a book, something that gives us all stories and pictures to remember. We're making up as complete a portrait of Dave as can be done together. Your help is much more appreciated by me than I can even say."

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