Call to action by the Georgia Intercollegiate Wrestling Association

By GIWA | Aug. 15, 2006, 8:30 p.m. (ET)
Friends of Georgia Wrestling:

We have a unique chance to help influence the fact that we do not have a D1 wrestling program in Georgia - an issue that is near and dear to all our hearts.  While we're making terrific progress w/ Darton, Mercer and Gordon, a D1 college would be a tremendous shot in the arm for GA wrestling.

A lot of our kids have to pick the Hope Scholarship and a free education over high tuition at out of state colleges that have a wrestling program.  Some of these wrestlers have been in the sport since they were 7 or 8 - and deserve the chance to wrestle at the next level w/out breaking their mom and dad.

Please send - and have your wrestlers send - a quick note to the Governor thanking him for taking the time to look at this issue, and tell him how much you would love to be able to represent our state by wrestling in a D1 program in GA.  His address is contained in Susan's email below.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Shawn Fields


From: Susan Knox
Date: 2006/08/09 Wed AM 09:45:10 EDT
Subject: Open Window Opportunity

The Governor has agreed to review the lack of varsity college wrestling opportunities in Georgia and take it up within the University system with the appropriate parties.  A package is being delivered to him today.  What would be beneficial is if coaches across the state would encourage those most affected to let their voices be heard on this issue.  A flurry of short, but heartfelt notes or letters from high school wrestlers themselves thanking the Governor for taking this matter under consideration could not hurt.

The Honorable Sonnny Perdue
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334