Quotes from U S women wrestlers Downing and Smith and coach Scherr and Greco Roman athlete Durlacher

By Gary Abbott | Sept. 30, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)
67 kg/147.5 lbs. - Katie Downing, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sunkist Kids)

"I feel really good. My body feels good. I knew once I get to a place mentally, I can win. Sometimes when you wait around to wrestle, you get distractions coming in. I didn't let that happen today. Pins are confidence builders."

"I wrestled (Canadian) Dugrenier in the Sunkist Kids International in the finals. She beat me by points. She comes in on single legs. I feel good going against her. She is in the same position as me for Canada, new but having a successful season. All of the toughest ones I will meet on the way this tournament. That feels good. You know you have earned it then."

"The club from my local high school, the Pendleton Heights (Ind.) Arabians, made a quilt for me. It is green and white, our school colors. They put it up in the high school and anybody who wanted to signed it. It is real nice, and its up in the crowd. I have my whole hometown here supporting me. It have a piece of home right here."

72 kg/158.5 lbs. - Iris Smith, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army)

"When I first came out, I was too excited and gave up a point. I collected myself, and had to stay on my two-on-one position. I came out with a win. It worked. I will have Poland now in the next round. I am feeling real good. I have not wrestled this Polish girl before. It will be an new experience for me."

"I was happy I could score, get a lead and keep my lead. I wanted to wrestle smart, and get that first match out of the way. I feel I will be ready for whatever comes now."

Bill Scherr, U.S. Women's World Team Coach

"Three wins for us. In a tournament like this, you win or you go home. Iris had a tough opponent. The opponent had technique and experience. Iris wrestled a smart match. She usually shoots a lot, but this time she did some defensive wrestling. She needs to open it up a little more in the next match."

"Katie had two matches and two pins. She is wrestling her style. If she keeps doing that, she will do well in this tournament. We want two gold medals. We haven't had a finalist in this tournament. It would be great to get at least one today. Both of these women are capable of making the finals. Neither has medaled before. Maybe one of them will suck it up and make it to the finals this evening."

55 kg/121 lbs. - Lindsey Durlacher, Colorado Springs, Colo. (New York AC)

"I felt good in my first match. Things were working for me. I created the right angles. I got my confidence real high, going against the Olympic champion in his own country. I knew it would be a dogfight. I would make it go my way. I didn't get that done. I'm upset about that. I tried to force a few things against the Olympic champion. This is my first World Championships. I got overzealous a bit and it cost me."

"He is competing in his hometown. I hope he carries me through. Let's pray for that. I look forward to coming back for the bronze. That's the way it goes sometimes. I was pretty confident going into the first match. I knew I can wrestle at this level and in this arena. I expected more from myself in that second match. I make little mental mistakes, first time mistakes. That's what happened today."

Steve Fraser, USA Wrestling National Greco-Roman Coach

"His first match against the Italian, he wrestled smart and he stayed focused. We were happy with that first match. The second match, he made one mistake. He tried to gutwrench the guy with two seconds on the clock and gives up points. You take that away and Lindsey wins the period. The guy is the Olympic champion. He is tough. Lindsey wrestled tough in the second period, and had a good defense. You can't make mistakes against the Olympic champion. He was ready. He prepared like we wanted him to. He worked hard, and was focused, ready and confident. Lindsey was well prepared today. If the Hungarian makes it to the finals, we have life again."