USA Wrestling partners with LiveSportsVideo com the first Amateur Wrestling Network at your compute

By Live Sports | Oct. 06, 2005, 12 a.m. (ET)
Finally… Watch Amateur Wrestling, Anytime You Want To

For the past 50 years, wrestling fans across the country often stayed up through the night (sometimes even 3 a.m.) to catch a glimpse of wrestling on television or mastered the art of recording wrestling to a VCR tape. The chance to view it "at all" is testament to technology.

Long before television, some of the greatest matches, like Abraham Lincoln vs. Jack Armstrong or competitive battles in Roman or Greek Coliseums were recorded only in the memories of spectators.

Is there a better alternative to television, with its haphazard and spotty coverage of amateur wrestling? believes it has come up with a solution; the first 24-hour Wrestling Network that brings you web casts when you want to watch them.

Many of us stay connected to the wrestling world by utilizing our repertoire of forums, we give you the new excitement of We will not disappoint you with content, because we promise to bring you coverage at all levels of wrestling and quality tournaments.

An exciting way to provide the best wrestling programming is the innovative partnership between Live Sports and USA Wrestling. This effort is proof that wrestling is leading the way in multi-media technology.

"USA Wrestling reaches the greatest wrestling fans and possesses competitive wrestling venues," says Bob and Jake Feldmeier, the founders of and past Princeton wrestlers. "Live Sports Video is the revolutionary link in bringing this wrestling footage to all fans and promoting the sport we all deserve to watch."

While commercial TV has often ignored our sport, we should feel privileged that amateur wrestling has not been exploited by TV advertising. Can you imagine the last wrestling period extending over 30 minutes for TV timeouts? Gone are the days of staying up late for spotty coverage and studying your VCR manuals, because conveniently delivers wrestling videos over the Internet. is the sound answer for amateur wrestling because we web cast the venue as if you were there recording it with your own eyes. You are not limited to where you live because the Internet is everywhere in the world. Programming and timing restrictions are eliminated because Live Sports Video has a growing library of over 150 duals and events all available when it is convenient for you. As a special bonus, this year we will bring you more excitement with 10 live web casts!

We can't bring you to the ancient Roman or Greek Coliseums, but we can bring amateur wrestling to you through It promises all the coverage you want-and all the sleep you need… It is better than TV.

Some events you can watch live or archived on

USA Wrestling:
* World Team Trials
* US Nationals
* Junior and Cadet Nationals
* National Dual Meet Championships
* Beach Wrestling

* All-Star Classic
* National Duals.

College Wrestling:
* Oklahoma St.
* Oklahoma
* Ohio St.
* Princeton
* Bloomsburg
* and many more

Other events:
* High school folkstyle national events.
* Junior level events
* Beast of the East Tournament
* All-Academy Championships

Visit today to see a full list of wrestling action. If you want your wrestling events broadcast on LSV, contact us:, 1-866-821-7653.