Action Footage and Drills for the Seven Basic Skills Video Released

By Ted Witulski | May 18, 2003, 12 a.m. (ET)
Action Footage and Drills to Enhance The Seven Basic Skills of Wrestling USA Wrestling through the National Coaches Education Program has produced an updated review of the Seven Basic Skills of Wrestling, featuring high energy action footage and drills. The one-hour video available on VHS format uses action footage and drills to give coaches and wrestlers a better understanding of the essential skills it takes to succeed in the demanding sport of wrestling. The basic skills of position, motion, level change, penetration, lifting, back step, and arch and turn are discussed and demonstrated. The video uses a consistent format of live action footage that focuses on the basic skills followed by a variety of drills that are valuable for wrestlers as they develop the skill. The drills are demonstrated by Olympic Training Center Athletes: C.C. Fischer, Tim Dernlan, and Juan Venturi. The video contains action clips from elite level athletes from America's toughest tournaments including, U.S. Nationals, the World Team Trials, the Dave Schultz International, and the Sunkist Kids International tournament. Watch as All-American Yoshi Nakamura throws an arm spin for three points. Expose kids to the astounding level changes of Lincoln McIlravy, or the powerful throws of World Champion Dennis Hall. This video has scores of high action clips of America's elite. "To succeed in the sport of wrestling, wrestlers must have a strong foundation of the basic skills. Wrestlers and coaches that view this video will see that the core of success in wrestling is not specialized technique but a strong emphasis on basic skills." Mitch Hull Director of National Teams The cost of the video is $24.95 plus $5 shipping and handling (Please Print Clearly. Only Visa or MasterCard can be accepted.) Name:_______________________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________ City:______________________________ State:_________ Zip Code:_______________ Home Phone:_______________________________ Email:___________________________ Visa or MasterCard Number:__________________________________________________ (Must include additional three numbers from the back of the card.) Name on Card:_____________________________________Expiration Date: _________(Please include Credit Card Billing Address, if different from shipping address.) Make checks payable to USA Wrestling $29.95 Return to: USA Wrestling (Seven Basic Skills) 6155 Lehman Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918