NWCA Announces Top 25 All Academic Wrestling Team Sacred Heart repeats as Team Champion NCAA Cham

By Pat Tocci | May 16, 2003, 12 a.m. (ET)
(Manheim, PA) The National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) is proud to announce its 2003 NWCA Division I wrestling academic teams. Each year the NWCA honors its Academic Top Twenty-five Division I wrestling teams, as well as a First Team, Second Team and Honorable Mention All-Academic Team. Sacred Heart University captured team honors for the second consecutive year with a 3.412 GPA. The Pioneers were closely followed by Duquesne University, which finished second with a 3.332. This marks the second consecutive year that Duquesne finished second. Central Michigan finished in third at 3.285 followed by Brown at 3.27 and Princeton finished fifth at 3.23. Rounding out the top ten teams in order include: Eastern Michigan, Stanford, Harvard University, Indiana, and James Madison University. Team rankings are selected by taking the average GPA of each team's starting 10 wrestlers along with two backups that wrestled in at least one varsity match. The average grade point average of the top-25 teams was 3.072. The individual All-Academic team is highlighted with two NCAA Champions and two runner-ups on the first team. The first team is led by NCAA Champions Ryan Bertin of Michigan, and Robbie Waller of Oklahoma. Bertin, the NCAA Champion at 157lbs is a 3.79 student in business administration while 165lbs. champion, Waller is a 3.00 student in English. Bertin is a two-time first team All-Academic Team member. The members of the first team include NCAA runner-ups Carl Fronhoffer of Pitt and Alex Tirapelle of Illinois. The remainder of the team consists of Curtis Owen of Arizona State, Jesse Jantzen of Harvard, Scott Owen of Northern Illinois, Justin Ruiz of Nebraska, Shane Roller of Oklahoma State, and Josh Moore of Penn State. Scott Owen along with Bertin is a repeat performer on the first team. Central Michigan led all universities with six wrestlers on the team. This year's All-Academic team was one of the deepest as the team was composed of wrestlers from 37 universities, 45 NCAA qualifiers, and 22 All-Americans. The average GPA of the team was a 3.52. Jack Maughan, President of the NWCA commented, "Once again our nation's top collegiate wrestlers have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the classroom and on the wrestling mat. The wrestling community should be proud of the achievements by our elite student-athletes." NWCA Top 25 All-Academic Wrestling Team 1 Sacred Heart, 3.412 2 Duquesne, 3.32 3 Central Michigan, 3.285 4 Brown, 3.27 5 Princeton, 3.23 6 Eastern Michigan, 3.2 7 Stanford, 3.141 7 Harvard, 3.141 9 Indiana, 3.13 10 James Madison, 3.082 11 Penn State, 3.07 12 Lock Haven, 3.048 13 Columbia, 3.02 14 Michigan, 3.01 15 Northern Illinois, 3.005 16 Illinois, 3.004 17 Cleveland State, 2.995 18 West Virginia, 2.97 19 Maryland, 2.965 20 Edinboro, 2.936 21 Clarion, 2.934 22 Hofstra, 2.9309 23 Northern Iowa, 2.909 24 Binghamton, 2.906 25 Arizona State, 2.89 25 Pennsylvania, 2.89 Last Name/First Name/School/Yr/GPA/Major FIRST TEAM Owen, Curtis - Arizona State University, SR, 4.00, Grad, 4th NCAA Jantzen, Jesse Daniel - Harvard University, JR, 3.00, Sociology, 3rd NCAA Tirapelle, Alex - University of Illinois, RS-FR, 3.84, Accounting, 2nd NCAA Bertin, Ryan - University of Michigan, SO, 3.79, Business Administration, NCAA Champion Ruiz, Justin D. - University of Nebraska, SO, 3.66, Communication Science, 5th NCAA Owen, Eric Scott - Northern Illinois University, Grad, 3.67, Sports Management, 5th NCAA Roller, Shane - Oklahoma State University, SR, 3.34, Psychology, 3rd NCAA Waller, Robbie - University of Oklahoma, SR, 3.00, English, NCAA Champion Moore, Josh - Penn State University, SR, 3.26, Business Management, 3rd NCAA Fronhofer, Carl - University of Pittsburgh, SR, 3.51, Sociology, 2nd NCAA SECOND TEAM Robertson, Collin Danvers - Boise State University, SR, 3.27, Spanish Secondary ED, 6th NCAA Ciarcia, Nick - Brown University, JR, 3.85, Business Econ, NCAA Qualifier Mester, Jason - Central Michigan University, SR, 3.13, Sport Studies, 5th NCAA Martinez Radley J. - Clarion University, SR, 3.00, Business Management, 5th NCAA Tillman, Dustin Richard - Columbia University, SO, 3.86, Political Science, EIWA - 5th Wattenberg, Clint - Cornell University, SR, 3.19, Nutritional Science, 5th NCAA Diaz, Pat - James Madison University, SR, 3.91, International Business, 18-9 Season Moore, Scott - Penn State University, SR, 3.11, Criminal Law and Justice, 4th NCAA Messina, Michael - Sacred Heart University, JR, 3.87, History, NCAA Qualifier Feast, Matthew, University of Pennsylvania, SO, 3.36, Business, 7th NCAA Black, Anthony Jon - University of Wisconsin, SR, 3.31, Kinesiology, 5th NCAA HONORABLE MENTION Smart, Rocky - Arizona State University, SR, 3.51, History, NCAA Qualifier Joe, Jerome - Binghamton University, JR, 3.47, Computer Science, 16-6 Season VomBaur, Benjamin - Boise State University, SR, 3.00, History Secondary ED, 6th NCAA Faustman, Brett - Central Michigan University, Grad, 3.78, Management Info Systems, NCAA Qualifier Stoffer, Kyle - Central Michigan University, RS-FR, 3.68, Finance, NCAA Qualifier Borrelli, Jason - Central Michigan University, JR, 3.64, Business Management, MAC 3rd Morgan, Tylan - Central Michigan University, SR, 3.48, Public Communication, NCAA Qualifier Bartges, Vince - The Citadel, SR, 3.50, Business Administration, 15-10 Season Norgaard, Erik Reed - Columbia University, JR, 3.48, Political Science, EIWA - 5th Allemang, Marc - Duquesne University, SO, 3.50, Education, NCAA Qualifier Gilmore, Adam, Eastern Michigan University, SR, 3.81, Math Education, MAC 4th Pyles, Zachary - Eastern Michigan University, SR, 3.59, Chemistry, MAC 4th Schaefer, Greg - Indiana University, SR, 3.68, Physical Education, NCAA Qualifier Matthews, Ty - Indiana University, SR, 3.48, Biology, NCAA Qualifier Kodish, Stephen - James Madison University, JR, 3.54, Kinesiology, NCAA Qualifier Maney, Michael B. - Lock Haven University of PA, JR, 3.45, Secondary Education, 8th NCAA Smith, Kyle - The University of Michigan, SR, 3.37, Organizational Studies, 7th NCAA Owen, Patrick - The University of Michigan, JR, 3.52, General Studies, NCAA Qualifier Burleson, Kenny - The University of Missouri-Columbia, JR, 3.51, Marketing, NCAA Qualifier Holm, Jordan Robert - University of Northern Iowa, SO, 3.73, Pre-Med, NCAA Qualifier Pennell, Jededia Cheyanne - Oregon State University, SR, 3.83, Pre-Med, NCAA Qualifier Harless, Jason - University of Oregon, JR, 3.73, General Science, NCAA Qualifier Becks, Mark - Penn State University, SR, 3.19, Business Management, 7th NCAA Looke, Joe - Princeton University, JR, 3.75, Economics, 4th EIWA Parker, Greg - Princeton University, SR, 3.35, Computer Science, 8th NCAA Reynolds, Anthony - Sacred Heart University, SR, 3.80, Math, NCAA Qualifier Belville, Robert - Sacred Heart University, JR, 3.64, Business, NCAA Qualifier Cardillo, Jason - Slippery Rock University, SO, 3.49, Undeclared, East Regional - 3rd Lefever, Lucas William - U.S. Air Force Academy, SO, 3.79, Civil Engineering, 2nd West Regional Britt, Adam Nathaniel - Virginia Military Institute, SR, 3.52, Civil Engineering, NCAA Qualifier Seidel, Robert - The University of Virginia, Grad, 3.66, Grad, NCAA Qualifier Cunanan, Shane Domingo - West Virginia University, SR, 3.13, Physical Education, 6th NCAA Lauer, Brandon - West Virginia University, SO, 3.20, Physical Education, 8th NCAA