Quotes from Matt Lindland and Tim Hartung at U S Nationals Press Conference

By Janessa Pierce | May 08, 2003, 12 a.m. (ET)
Embassy Suites Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada May 8, 2003 1:00 p.m. 85 kg Greco-Roman - Matt Lindland, Oregon City, Ore. "There's no rustiness. I'm a professional athlete. I'm looking forward to getting back into wrestling and competing." "I was away from it for awhile and I kind of missed it so I came back." "I haven't made the full commitment to winning a medal. Right now I'm involved in a kind of competition that's paying the bills. If I can compete at both, I'd certainly do it." "UFC and Wrestling are very similar. It's two competitors going onto a mat and competing." 97 kg Freestyle - Tim Hartung, Minneapolis, Minn. "I feel like I'm continuing to improve since I moved up to 211. My body feels healthy and I feel strong. There are still areas I need to improve, but I'm feeling good." "Gordy Morgan from the Minnesota Storm puts together a great training cycle that's worked well for me and helped prepare me for the tournament." "My neck is feeling good. I went into two weeks of rehab after the World Cup and it's not bothering me at all." "My goal is to win a World Championship in New York in September." (Regarding mental approach as a defending national champion) "The only difference is my confidence level. Last year and the year before, I wasn't sure of my capabilities. Now that I've won one I expect to win another one." "The first win is always going to be the one you remember the most. But this year is a whole new story. And this tournament is a step in the process. I need to do well here in Vegas and then at World Team Trials to reach my goal of a World Championship in New York City in September." "It's been easier to train this year because I know what it takes to win. Last year I didn't really have a strategy. Now I have a strategy and I'm confident about what I can do."