2003 Women s World Team Trials preview at 59 kg 130 lbs

By Gary Abbott | June 07, 2003, 12 a.m. (ET)
One of the new stars of U.S. women's wrestling is 2003 U.S. Nationals champion Sally Roberts of the Gator WC. She claimed her first U.S. Nationals title this year, and was named Outstanding Wrestler in the women's division. Her season has been very successful so far, with a gold-medal at the Dave Schultz Memorial at this division, and a University Nationals title competing up at 63 kg. Roberts is one of the USOTC resident athletes who are helping raise the bar for women's wrestling in our nation. She will need to continue her intense wrestling if she wishes to make her first U.S. World Team. As a non-Olympic weight class, the winner of the World Team Trials in Indianapolis does not automatically get to compete on the U.S. team in New York City. Medalists from an Olympic division (either 55 kg or 63 kg) could choose to seek a Special Wrestle-off. Last year, when the rule was the same, nobody chose to challenge World Team Trials champion Lauren Lamb. This year, we will all just have to wait and see if that is still the case. It would be remiss to not mention Lauren Lamb at this time, the U.S. team member at this division last year and one of the true pioneers of women's wrestling. Lamb wrestled up at 63 kg at this year's U.S. Nationals, placing third. If she drops to her normal weight, Lamb is an instant contender to win the whole thing. She has been to six World Championships, but has not claimed a medal to date. Still motivated to challenge herself, many believe it would be fitting for Lamb to capture her first medal on the U.S. home mats in New York. Roberts pinned Lamb in their showdown in the Dave Schultz Memorial, but it might be interesting to see how a three-match series might go. Placing second to Roberts in Las Vegas was Erin Tomeo of the Sunkist Kids. Although she is still rather young, Tomeo is a veteran in comparison to the rest of this division. Tomeo was able to compete in the 2001 World Championships after winning a Special Wrestle-off after World Team member Tina George missed the meet in order to attend Army Basic Training. Tomeo was also a U.S. Nationals runner-up in 2002. She has a long list of age-group national achievements as well. A USOTC resident, Tomeo has had a difficult season with some injuries, but made a great showing at U.S. Nationals. Taking third at the U.S. Nationals is high school sensation Brandy Rosenbrock of the Michigan WC, who was second behind veteran Lauren Lamb at the 2002 World Team Trials. Rosenbrock was named TheMat.com/ASICS High School Girls Wrestler of the Year last season, and has continued her dominance of the age-group levels. She will be on the U.S. Junior World Team this summer. Leigh Jaynes of Missouri Valley College comes into the World Team Trials at No. 4. She is one of the nation's top college wrestlers, a senior with experience and a funky style that can surprise talented opponents. Jaynes scored a win over 55 kg U.S. Nationals champion Tela O'Donnell at the Missouri Valley event this year, but lost the next two bouts in the best-of three showdown. A pair of college wrestlers competed in the fifth/sixth-place bout in Las Vegas, with Brooke Bogren of Cumberland College defeating Linse Meadows of Neosho County CC. Bogren was also a U.S. Nationals placewinner while in high school. Another college star, Lindsay Owens of Menlo College, placed seventh at U.S. Nationals. Owens came onto the scene last summer as one of the first to win a gold at the ASICS Girls Junior Nationals. Taking the final qualifying spot from U.S. Nationals was high school talent Othella Lucas of San Diego Hot Beaches, who placed eighth. Lucas is coached by two-time World medalist Afsoon Johnston, who has great confidence in this new talent. Certainly, if she enters, veteran Tonya Evinger of Stars and Stripes could be a finalist contender. She was ranked No. 3 on the national team last year, and has been a nationally-ranked star since her high school days. Evinger won a silver medal at the 2002 Pan American Championships and has many other medal performances. Also eligible to compete is Regional champion Sharon Jacobsen of UM-Morris. This weight division could offer some surprises. The Challenge Tournament should be intense, especially if Lamb drops down, if Rosenbrock gets another shot at Tomeo, and if Evinger enters and is well prepared. The college and high school athletes still have a challenge to beat the veterans. Sally Roberts will sit out and wait for a winner from the rest of the pack, and will have a few days to rest and gain strength after weigh-ins. If Roberts continues to improve as she has all season, it will be difficult for anybody to take away her spot on the top. 2003 U.S. Women's Nationals results at 59 kg/130 lbs. 1st - Sally Roberts (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC) dec. Erin Tomeo (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids), 6-3 3rd - Brandy Rosenbrock (St. Claire Shores, Mich./Michigan WC) dec. Leigh Jaynes (Marshall, Mo./Missouri Valley), 3-2 5th - Brooke Bogren (Williamsburg, Ky./Cumberland College) by fall over Linse Meadows (Katy, Texas/Neosho), 4:15 7th - Lindsay Owens (Ripon, Calif./Menlo) dec. Othella Lucas (San Diego, Calif./San Diego Hot Beaches), 9-2 2003 Women's World Team Trials qualifiers at 59 kg (130 lbs.) National champion - Sally Roberts (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC) National placerwinners - 2. Erin Tomeo (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids); 3. Brandy Rosenbrock (St. Claire Shores, Mich./Michigan WC); 4. Leigh Jaynes (Burlington, N.J../Missouri Valley); 5. Brooke Bogren (Carbondale, Kan. /Cumberland College); 6. Linse Meadows (Katy, Texas/Neosho); 7. Lindsay Owens (Ripon, Calif./Menlo); 8. Othella Lucas (San Diego, Calif./San Diego Hot Beaches) Team USA member - Tonya Evinger (Bates City, Mo./Stars and Stripes); Regional champions - Sharon Jacobson (El Cajon, Calif./UM-Morris); Medalist at Group A Tournament - Hillary Wolf (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC)