Three U S wrestlers win medals at Dan Kolov Tourney in Bulgaria March 4 5

By Gary Abbott | March 08, 2000, 12 a.m. (ET)

Three U.S. freestyle wrestlers claimed medals at the 2000 Dan Kolov Tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria, March 4-5.

Winning a silver medal was Charles Burton (Bloomington, Ind./New York AC) at 187.25 pounds. Claiming bronze medals were John Fisher (Ypsilanti, Mich./Michigan WC) at 138.75 pounds and Lincoln McIlravy (Iowa City, Iowa/Gateway WC) at 152 pounds.

Burton won his first three matches, including a 5-3 decision over Aslan Sanakoev of Uzbekistan in the semifinals. In the gold-medal match, Burton was pinned by Adam Saitiev of Russia, the 1999 World Champion at 167.5 pounds who competed up a weight class. Burton currently holds a No. 2 ranking on the Freestyle National team.

Fisher won three matches to claim his pool competition, including a 3-0 decision over Harun Dogan of Turkey, the 1999 World Champion at 127.75 pounds. In the semifinals, Fisher was pinned by Djamso Lhamajapov of Russia. He rebounded to defeat Laszlo Szabolcs of Romania, 7-0 in the bronze-medal match. Fisher, a two-time Olympic Trials runner-up, is currently ranked No. 3 on the U.S. national team.

McIlravy had a 4-1 record in the tournament, claiming pins or technical falls in each of his victories. His only loss came in the semifinals, when he was pinned by 1999 World Champion Daniel Igali of Canada. It was a rematch of the 1999 World finals match, also won by Igali. McIlravy scored a 12-2 technical fall over Ivan Todorov of Bulgaria in the bronze-medal match.

McIlravy was a 1999 World silver medalist and 1998 World bronze medalist. He also boasts World Cup, Pan American Games and Goodwill Games gold medals.

1999 World Champion Stephen Neal (Bakersfield, Calif./Dave Schultz WC) placed fifth at 286 pounds. Neal, competing in his first match since off-season surgery, lost in the first round to David Musulbes of Russia, 5-4. Musulbes is a two-time World bronze medalist. Neal came back to score a pin and a technical fall against Bulgarian opponents, but did not qualify for the semifinals.

Placing sixth for the United States were Kerry Boumans (Colorado Springs, Colo./Dave Schultz WC) at 127.75 pounds and Troy Steiner (Madison, Wis./Team Excel) at 152 pounds.

Bill Zadick (Iowa City, Iowa/Hawkeye WC) was eighth at 138.75 pounds and Joel Sharratt (Minneapolis, Minn./Minnesota Storm) was ninth at 213.75 pounds.

Coaching the U.S. team were 1996 Olympic head coach Joe Seay of Perry, Okla., along with Ron Jones of Bradenton, Fla.

2000 DAN KOLOV TOURNAMENT at Sofia, Bulgaria, March 4-5


119 - 1st - Ivan Djorev (Bulgaria); 2nd - Chechen-ool Mongush (Russia); 3rd - Dudupov Gargal (Russia)

127.75 - 1st - Mourad Ramazanov (Russia); 2nd - Moustafa Orhan (Bulgaria); 3rd - Anatoliy Giudia (Bulgaria)

138.75 - 1st - Serafim Barzakov (Bulgaria); 2nd - Djamso Lhamajapov (Russia); 3rd - John Fisher (USA)

152 - 1st - Daniel Igali (Canada); 2nd - Dmitri Kirilov (Russia); 3rd - Lincoln McIlravy (USA)

167.5 - 1st - Miroslav Gotchev (Bulgaria); 2nd - Giokhan Yayaser (Turkey); 3rd - Ruslan Adjiev (Russia)

187.25 - 1st - Adam Saitiev (Russia); 2nd - Charles Burton (USA); 3rd - Plamen Paskalev (Bulgaria)

213.75 - 1st - David Magomedov (Russia); 2nd - David Xanthopoulos (Greece); 3rd - Krassimir Kotchev (Bulgaria)

286 - 1st - David Musulbes (Russia); 2nd - Zekerya Guchlu (Turkey); 3rd - Sven Thiele (Germany)

Golden Belt Award - Serafim Bazakov (Bulgaria)

Outstanding Foreign Athlete - Daniel Igali (Canada)

U.S. Performances

127.75- Kerry Boumans, Colorado Springs, Colo., 6th - lost by tech. fall to Mourad Ramazanov (Russia), 11-1; won by tech. fall over Stanimir Dmitorov (Bulgaria), 11-0

138.75 - John Fisher, Ypsilanti, Mich., 3rd - dec. Harun Dogan (Turkey), 3-0; dec. Arif Kama (Turkey), 7-0; pin Troy Steiner (USA); lost pin to Djamso Lhamajapov (Russia); dec. Laszlo Szabolcs (Romania), 7-0

138.75 - Troy Steiner, Madison, Wis., 6th - dec. Akif Kama (Turkey), 7-2; won by tech. fall over Harun Dogan (Turkey), 11-0; lost pin to John Fisher (USA)

138.75 - Bill Zadick, Iowa City, Iowa, 8th - lost pin to Djamso Lhamajapov (Russia); lost dec. to Thomas Kaczanovic (Germany), 11-7; dec. Alexandr Armufriev (Ukraine), 13-4

152 - Lincoln McIlravy, Iowa City, Iowa, 3rd - won by tech. fall over Nikolai Dimitrov (Bulgaria), 12-1; won by tech. fall over Serguei Latishev (Ukraine), 10-0; pin Sergei Kirilov (Russia); lost by pin to Daniel Igali (Canada); won by tech. fall over Ivan Todorov (Bulgaria), 12-2

167.5 - Brandon Slay, Colorado Springs, Colo., dnp - lost dec. to Ruslan Adjiev (Russia), 8-3; lost dec. to Mehmet Edjevit (Bulgaria), 4-3

187.25 - Charles Burton, Bloomington, Ind., 2nd - won by tech. fall over Jarko Kozev (Macedonia), 10-0; dec. Tomasz Janiszewski (Poland), 5-4; dec. Aslan Sanakoev (Uzbekistan), 5-3; lost pin to Adam Saitiev (Russia)

187.25 - Dan St. John, Colorado Springs, Colo., dnp - lost by tech. fall to Ali Ozen (Turkey), 11-0; dec. Arkadiy Tzopa (Bulgaria), 3-1

213.75 - Joel Sharratt, Minneapolis, Minn., 9th - lost dec. to David Magomedov (Russia), 5-2; dec. Ahmet Dogu (Turkey)

286 - Stephen Neal, Bakersfield, Calif., 5th - lost dec. to David Musulbes (Russia), 5-4; pin Hasan Beitula (Bulgaria); won by tech. fall over Martin Lazarov (Bulgaria), 10-0