Pavlik the lone returning champion at the 2000 FILA Cadet Women s Nats

By Gary Abbott | June 04, 2000, 12 a.m. (ET)
Pavlik the lone returning champion at the 2000 FILA Cadet Women's National Championships at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek, Mich., June 3

Jenna Pavlik (Lewes, Del./Unattached) won by a technical fall over Melyssa Fazua (Westfield, Mass./Massachusetts WC), 10-0, at 154 pounds to win her second straight national title at the 2000 FILA Cadet Women's Nationals at the Kelloff Arena in Battle Creek, Mich., June 3.

The Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament was Brooke Bogren (Carbondale, Kan./Kansas WC), the champion at 114 pounds. Bogren pinned Elizabeth Domagas (Vallejo, Calif./WYM) in 1:47 to win her first national title.

Brandy Rosenbrock (Warren, Mich./Macomb County WC), the champion at 123 pounds, won the most falls award with three falls in 6:49. Rosenbrock pinned Alaina Berube (Cornell, Mich./Escanaba WC) in 3:09.

Lisa Bisers (Allison Park, Pa./TAPS) pinned 1999 champion Rosaria DeCola (Ann Arbor, Mich./Wolverine WC) in 2:27 to win the title at 132 pounds.

Other first-time champions include: Erica Dye (Elizabeth, W.V./Unattached) at 94 pounds, Sara Fulp Allen (San Jose, Calif./Peninsula Grapplers) at 101 pounds, Malinda Ripley (Antioch, Calif./Falcon WC) and Devin Kelly (Mercer, Pa./TAPS) at 143 pounds.

The FILA Cadet age level includes athletes 15-17 years old.


Kellogg Arena, Battle Creek, Mich., June 3

43 kg/94 lbs. - 1st - Erica Dye, Elizabeth, W.V. (Unattached) pinned Tabitha Coffey, San Diego, Calif. (Chula Vista Badgers), 1:53

46 kg/101 lbs. - 1st - Sara Fulp Allen, San Jose, Calif. (Peninsula Grapplers) won by tech. fall over Melissa Moore, San Jose, Calif. (Lampbell Bulldogs), 10-0; 3rd - Deanna Rix, South Berwick, Maine (S. Marine Trappeers) dec. Rachael Holmbo, Ramsey, Minn. (Minnesota Storm) , 6-0

49 kg/108 lbs. - 1st - Malinda Ripley, Antioch, Calif. (Falcon WC) won by tech. fall over Veronica Martinez, Taos, N.M. (Unattached), 13-2; 3rd - Keristen LaBelle, Davison, Mich. (Team Hall) pinned Danni Presley, Napa, Calif. (WYM), 1:47

52 kg/114 lbs. - 1st - Brooke Bogren, Carbondale, Kan. (Kansas WC) pinned Elizabeth Domagas, Vallejo, Calif. (WYM), 1:47; 3rd - Teresa Dalben, Sacramento, Calif. (Laguna Creek WC) pinned Lindsey Orabona, New Bern, N.C. (North Carolina WC), 2:38

56 kg/123 lbs. - 1st - Brandy Rosenbrock, Warren, Mich. (Macomb County WC) pinned Alaina Berube, Cornell, Mich. (Escanaba WC), 3:09; 3rd - Jessi Shirley, Galion, Ohio (Northmon WC) pinned Suzanne Kivi, Reno, Nev. (Nevada WC), 1:02

60 kg/132 lbs. - 1st - Lisa Bisers, Allison Park, Pa. (TAPS) pinned Rosaria DeCola, Ann Arbor, Mich. (Wolverine WC), 2:27; 3rd - Wendy Casey, Binghamton, N.Y. (Unattached) dec. Monica Clay, Bloomington, Ind. (Indiana WC), 6-4

65 kg/143 lbs. - 1st - Devin Kelly, Mercer, Pa. (TAPS) pinned Heather Martin, Wellington, Ohio (All-American WC), 1:42; 3rd - Peggy VanDeMark, Kimball, Minn. (Unattached) dec. Rebekka DeCola, Ann Arbor, Mich. (Wolverine WC), 8-7

70 kg/154 lbs. - 1st - Jenna Pavlik, Lewes, Del. (Unattached) won by tech. fall over Melyssa Faqua, Westfield, Mass. (Massachusetts WC), 10-0

Outstanding Wrestler - Brooke Bogren

Most Falls - Brandy Rosenbrock with three falls in 6:49