Day One Wrap up From Advocare Cadet National Freestyle Championships

By Gary Abbott | July 26, 2000, 12 a.m. (ET)
83.5 -The only returning freestyle All-American, Brad Canterbury of Pennsylvania, who placed seventh last year, won his first two matches by pin. 2000 Greco-Roman All-Americans with victories in their first two matches were Ian Tongol of California, Tyler Safatowich of Minnesota, Chris Hollinger of Pennsylvania, Willie Mayes of Georgia and Reese Whitely of Washington. Tony Valdez of Nebraska, who was second in the 2000 Cadet Nationals in Greco-Roman, lost an 11-10 match to Davey Mason of Oklahoma in the first round, but remains alive after winning in round two. Greco-Roman All-American Eric Saleh of Michigan won his first match, but lost in round two in Western freestyle champion Louis Bean of Idaho, 13-2. 88 - Returning freestyle All-American Andrew Swanson of Oregon, who was fifth at 83.5 pounds last year, won his first two bouts, with a 9-1 win and a pin. The Cadet Greco-Roman All-Americans in the field held their own, with Gabriel Mooney of Minnesota, Josh Hansen of Minnesota, Mike Compton of Ohio, Ricky Wyman of Arizona and Cash Coolidge of Nebraska all with 2-0 records. Three Cadet Greco-Roman All-Americans finished the round with 1-1 records: Mat Gardner of Oregon, Paul Donahoe of Michigan and Mat Gardner of Oregon. 94.5 - The lone returning freestyle All-American Christian Smith of Virginia, a runner-up last year at 83.5 pounds, scored two wins, a pin and a 6-2 decision. All four 2000 Cadet National Greco-Roman All-Americans in the field are also 2-0: Kevin Hunter of Utah, Drew Headlee of Pennsylvania, Clay Leek of Indiana and Jeff Taylor of Oregon. FILA Cadet National freestyle champion Mack Reiter of Iowa had a bye, then scored a technical fall. 103.5 - This weight features a pair of 2000 Cadet National champions, and both opened with three strong wins. Nathan Morgan of California, the 88-pound champion last year, scored two technical falls and a pin. Tim Kephart of Missouri, the 94.5 pound champion, scored three technical falls. Derek Moore of California, a three-time Cadet National silver medallist, opened with three pins. Returning freestyle All-Americans Brandon Tucker of Oklahoma and Andre McLain of Ohio also had 3-0 records. Other returning All-Americans were not as fortunate. Ryan Riggs of Ohio won his first match by pin, but was then pinned by Jason Makara of Pennsylvania and Sean Schmaltz of Indiana and was eliminated. Two other freestyle All-Americans Michael Arias of Oklahoma and Brandon Kinney of Michigan had 2-1 records, but are still alive in the double-elimination format. 112 - Three returning freestyle All-Americans opened with four wins: Doug Hoover of Kansas, Matt Valenti of New Jersey and Derrick Fleenor of Oklahoma. Hoover had two tech falls, a pin and a 7-1 win. Valenti had three tech falls and a pin. Fleenor had two tech falls, a pin and a 8-4 win. Two other returning freestyle All-Americans were eliminated with two losses: Matt Easter of West Virginia and Joe Makara of Pennsylvania. Of the five 2000 Greco-Roman All-Americans in the field, only two are still alive after the first session: champion A.J. Lavender of Illinois and bronze-medalist Christian Bowerman of California. 121 - Returning Cadet National freestyle champion Burke Barnes of Washington opened with four wins, including two technical falls, a pin and a 10-3 victory. The only other returning freestyle All-American, Justin Porter of Oklahoma, also has four wins, with two tech falls and two decisions. Of the seven Greco-Roman All-Americans in the race, only two are still alive in freestyle: Eric Tannenbaum of Illinois and Mark Hastings of Colorado 132 - Returning Cadet National champion C.P. Schlatter of Ohio scored three technical falls to open the tournament. Cadet Greco-Roman All-Americans Chase Metcalf of Michigan, Zach Lamano of Utah, James Mead of Minnesota, Scott Loescher of Oregon, and Danny Cadwallader of California all won their first three matches. Cadet Greco-Roman All-American Joseph Rico of California went 2-1 during the first day, dropping an 8-6 match to Anthony Watson of Iowa. 143 - Two 1999 Cadet National freestyle All-Americans opened with three wins: Brian Stith of Virginia and Nate Galloway of Pennsylvania . Galloway also won the gold medal at the 2000 Cadet Nationals in Greco-Roman. Stith had two pins and a decision and Galloway had three technical falls. Three 2000 Cadet National Greco-Roman All-Americans also have 3-0 records: Alonzo Martinez of Nebraska, Patrick Pitsch of Washington and Jake Yost of Tennessee 154 - The only returning Cadet All-America in freestyle is already out of the tournament. Casey Streeter of Michigan won his first match by pin, but then lost to Josh Prevost of Montana, 9-6. He withdrew with an injury. Three 2000 Cadet Greco-Roman All-Americans are unbeaten: James Schultz of Indiana, Nick Terbay of Ohio and champion Daniel Bedoy of Indiana. 167 -The one returning Cadet freestyle All-American is Roger Kish of Michigan, who was third last year at 167 pounds. Kish also won a gold medal at the 2000 Cadet Nationals in Greco-Roman. Kish scored two pins and a 10-1 decision. Three 2000 Cadet National Greco-Roman All-Americans also have no losses: J.D. Bergman of Ohio, Michael Maresh of Minnesota and David Helfrich of Oregon. 182.5 - 1999 Cadet Greco-Roman All-American Matthew Kallai of Ohio opened with a 4-0 win and a technical fall. 1999 Cadet Greco-Roman All-American Aaron Keough of Ohio also won his first two matches. 1999 Greco-Roman All-American B.J. Frasier of Michigan is unbeaten, as are 1999 Greco-Roman All-American Jared Massey of Minnesota, Anthony Rubalacava of California and Chris Weidman of New York 209 - 1999 Cadet National Greco-Roman All-American Elliot Piper of North Dakota had a decision and a technical fall. Cadet National Greco-Roman placewinners who have won their first two matches are Joshua Sears of Ohio, Zach Pierson of Indiana, Brandon Schweitzer of North Carolina, Matt Loomis of New Jersey, Chad Espinoza of Nevada and Daren Murphy of California. Cadet Greco-Roman runner-up James Hollis is 1-0 with a bye. Cadet Greco-Roman champion Grant Miller of Illinois lost his first match to Jake O'Brien of Indiana, but rebounded with a win to stay alive in the tournament. 242 - Chris Finn of Oklahoma, who placed fifth last year, won his first two matches by pin. 2000 Cadet National Greco-Roman champion Patrick Barrentine of Ohio won his first match, but was edged by Arturo Basulto of California.