Asics Vaughan Junior National Greco Roman Championships Day Two Summary

By Gary Abbott | July 24, 2000, 12 a.m. (ET)
98 - Willie Holst of Wisconsin has won Pool A, and is in the gold-medal match. Cheney Haight of Utah placed second in the pool and goes for third place. and Roberto Martinez of California was third in the pool and will be in the fifth place match. Pool B has reached its roundrobin, led by defending Junior National Greco-Roman champion Sterling Oglesby of Wyoming, plus Brock Zollinger of Idaho and Sammy Vigil of Colorado. Placing fourth in the pools are Dominic Schomberg of Wisconsin, a 1999 Cadet All-American and J.W. Bykowsky of New Jersey, who will battle for seventh place. 105.5 - In Pool A, Junior Greco-Roman runner-up Robert Ariaza has qualified for the roundrobin, along with Luke Metzler of Kansas and Eric Stevenson of Oregon. The Pool B roundrobin is also determined, with 1999 Junior Greco-Roman runner-up Robert Pearch of Oregon, 1999 Cadet National champion Darryl Spackman and 1999 Cadet National runner-up Luke Smith of Wisconsin. The seventh place match is set, with Mike Wilding of Arizona and Rob Dearwester of Ohio. 114.5 - The Pool A roundrobin features former Cadet National champion Nate Piasecki of Wisconsin, plus Ethan Kyle of Missouri and Shawn Bunch of Kansas. Pool B also is down to three, with returning Junior All-American Joe Espinoza of California, Todd Meneely of Nebraska and Travis Lee of Hawaii. The seventh place match will feature 1999 Cadet National champion Nate Gallick of Arizona against Jim Collins of Pennsylvania. 123 - The roundrobin in Pool A features 1999 Junior National freestyle All-American Brandon Lauer of Maryland, former Junior National All-American Efren Ceballos of California and returning Junior All-American Clint Wolfley of Utah. Pool B has reached its roundrobin, with returning Junior National champion Cam Jones of Utah, Eli Dominguez of Iowa and four-time Cadet National champion Chris Fleeger of Pennsylvania. 132 - This weight is still wide open. In Pool A, four athletes are alive: 1999 Cadet National champion Harry Lester of Ohio, returning Junior National Champion Dusty Spaulding of Kansas, returning Junior All-American Brad Metzler of Nebraska and Joe Henning of Wisconsin. In Pool B, four are still standing: returning Junior National champion Mark Jayne of Ohio, returning All-American Kelly Pederson of Minnesota, plus Matt Gentry of Oregon and Dustin Tillman of California. 143 - Both pools have reached the roundrobin. In Pool A, returning Junior National Greco-Roman champion Matt Nagel of Minnesota is joined by Jake Rusher of Nebraska and Nate Yetzer of Ohio. In Pool B, the roundrobin features Josh Yetzer of Ohio, Eric Keith of Indiana and returning All-American Kasey Kohl of Nebraska. The seventh place match will pit Phil Reidman of North Dakota against 1999 Cadet National champion Robb Maxwell of Utah. 154 - Pool A will have a pure final match between Jason Woodall of Pennsylvania and Paul Carlson of Minnesota. The winner goes for gold and the loser is in the bronze-medal match. Woodall is a returning All-American and Carlson is a former Cadet World medallist. Third in the pool was Cody Koenig of Iowa, and fourth in the pool was Chris Henry of Illinois. In Pool B, the roundrobin has been determined, with returning Junior All-American James Woodall of Pennsylvania, 1999 Cadet All-American Mark Mueller of Iowa and Kenneth Cook of California. Woodall and Cook are undefeated so far. Placing fourth in the pool, and qualifying for the seventh place match, is James Kish of Pennsylvania. 165 - In Pool A, four athletes are still in the hunt: returning champion Josh McLay of Minnesota, plus Dan Pitsch of Washington, Chris Lopez of California and 1999 Cadet National champion Matt Herrington of New York. In Pool B, returning Junior All-American Brad Tupa of Minnesota is in the roundrobin, along with Darin Harris of Utah and Luke Larwin of Oregon. All three are unbeaten. Placing fourth in the pool and going for seventh place is Zachariah Doll of Pennsylvania. 178 - Pool A down to the top four, including returning Junior National champion Justin Millard of Pennsylvania, returning Junior All-Americans Drew Hageman of Oregon and George Kirgan of Illinois, plus 1999 Cadet All-American Ryan Halsey of California. Millard is the only wrestler without a loss. In Pool B, the final four are returning Junior All-Americans Lee Kraemer of Wisconsin, Jordan Holm of Minnesota and Quint Swanberg of Arizona, plus 1999 Cadet All-American Rudy Medini of New Jersey. Only Swanberg is unbeaten. 191.5 - Pool A has reached the roundrobin, including Ryan Kirst of Ohio, Nathan Moore of Indiana and Luko Kolo of Wisconsin. The roundrobin in Pool B features K.C. Walsh of Washington, Paul Velekei of Pennsylvania and Chris Skretkowicz of New Jersey. Returning All-American Tim Kraemer of Minnesota was beaten by Walsh and Velekei and was eliminated. Placing fourth in their pools, and going for seventh place, are Antonio Harris of Delaware and returning All-American Alex Lammers of Ohio. 220 - Pool A has reached the roundrobin, featuring Jon Gregg of New York, Mike Faust of Maryland and returning freestyle Junior All-American Marcio Bothelo of California. Bothelo and Faust are unbeaten. R.C. Johnson of Minnesota has placed fourth in the pool, and will compete for seventh place. In Pool B, four remain alive, including 1999 Cadet National champion Max Lossen of Minnesota, plus Jordan Everett of California, Matthew Feast of California and Billy Linane of Florida. 275 - Pool A has four remaining, including returning All-American Jeremiah Beltran of California, plus Dan Howe of California, Devin Kraege of Wisconsin and Adam Patino of California.Beltran and Howe are unbeaten. Pool B has four left, including Cain Velasquez of Arizona, Neil Phillips of Oklahoma, 1999 Cadet National champion Joe Hennis of Florida and returning Junior All-American Matt Hasbrook of Indiana.