Day Two Wrap Up From Advocare Cadet National Greco Roman Championships

By Gary Abbott | July 23, 2000, 12 a.m. (ET)
83.5 -The only returning All-American Mat Gardner of Oregon won two matches Sunday to win Pool B and qualify for the gold-medal match. The rest of his pool was completed, with Tyler Safatowich of Minnesota going for third place, Eric Saleh of Michigan going for fifth place and Willie Mays of Georgia going for seventh place. Pool A is not yet completed, with Ian Tongol of California, Resse Whitely of Washington and Tony Valdez of Nebraska in the roundrobin. Chris Hollinger of Pennsylvania was fourth in the pool, and will be in the seventh-place match. 88 - Returning Cadet Freestyle All-American Paul Donahoe of Michigan and Northern Plains double champion Gabriel Mooney of Minnesota won two more matches and moved into the Pool A finals, with the winner going for the gold and the loser going for third place. Cash Coolidge of Nebraska will wrestle for fifth place and Rich Hartley of California will battle for seventh. In Pool B, Western double champion Ricky Wyman of Arizona is in the roundrobin, along with Josh Hansen of Minnesota and Mike Compton of Ohio. Scott Prutzman of New York was fourth in the pool, and will fight for seventh place. 94.5 - Returning Cadet National Champion Alex Usztics of Pennsylvania has qualified for the roundrobin in Pool A, along with Jordan Crass of Wisconsin and Kevin Hunter of Utah. Usztics dropped an 8-4 decision to Hunter, and will only make the finals if Crass can beat Hunter. The Pool B roundrobin has also been determined, with Drew Headlee of Pennsylvania, Clay Leek of Indiana and Joshua Crass of Wisconsin. Only Crass is unbeaten at this point. A possibility exists for a Crass brothers final, with Jordan and Joshua still without a loss. The seventh place match is determined, as Jeff Taylor of Oregon will battle returning All-American Christian Smith of Virginia. 103.5 - Pool A is down to four, with returning National champion Greg Brendemuel of Minnesota, Mark Throckmorton of Pennsylvania, Derek Moore of California and Seth Wright of Utah in the mix. Only Moore is unbeaten, as Brendemeul lost by pin to him in the seventh round. Pool B is down to the roundrobin, with Gabe Flores of California, returning freestyle champion Tim Kephart of Missouri and Chase Walker of Utah still alive. Flores and Kephart are unbeaten. Brandon Tucker of Oklahoma, a runner-up last year, was fourth in the pool and will go for seventh. 112 - Pool A is down to the top four, with A.J. Lavender of Illinois, Christian Bowerman of California, Dustin Coffin of Minnesota and Matt Stuart of New York in the hunt. Only Lavender and Stuart are unbeaten to this point. Pool B is down to the roundrobin, with Steve Anceravage of Pennsylvania, Micah Flodeen of Minnesota and Josh Stenglein of New York shooting for the finals. Only Anceravage is unbeaten, but he has not yet met Flodeen or Stenglein. 121 - Pool A is down to its final four, with Eric Tannenbaum of Illinois, Nick Griffin of Pennsylvania, Mark Hastings of Colorado and Bobbt Pfennings of Montana still alive. Hastings is the only person without a loss. In Pool B, there are five still alive, including returning All-American Donny DePatto of Minnesota. Others in the pool competition include Josh Meadows of Utah, Joe Gomez of Illinois, Burke Barnes of Washington and Chris Nissen of Colorado. Barnes is the only unbeaten wrestler in the pool at this point. 132 - Pool A is down to four wrestlers, battling for a place in the roundrobin round: Gabe Dretsch of Minnesota, Danny Cadwallader of California, Chase Metcalfe of Michigan and James Mead of Minnesota. Metcalfe, an All-American last year, has one loss to Cadwallader, who lost once to Mead. Dretsch also has a loss, to an athlete no longer in the field. This one could get messy. Pool B is already into its roundrobin, with Scott Loescher of Oregon, Zach Lamano of Utah and C.P. Schlatter of Ohio. Lamano, a returning champion, and Schlatter, a runner-up last year, have not yet met. 143 - The largest weight class in the tournament has been whittled down dramatically. In Pool A, only four wrestlers remain: Ben Askren of Wisconsin, Mitch Kuhlman of Minnesota, Patrick Pitsch of Washington and Jake Yost of Tennessee. Pitsch and Kuhlman have not lost yet. Pool B is down to the roundrobin, with Jake Fisher of Missouri, Nathan Galloway of Pennsylvania and Alonzo Martinez of Nebraska still alive. Galloway, a returning freestyle All-American, and Martinez are unbeaten. John Cox of Michigan was fourth in the pool and will compete for seventh place. 154 - In Pool A, the roundrobin contestants have been determined: Yuri Kalika of California, Nick Terbay of Ohio and returning All-American Casey Streeter of Michigan. All four are unbeaten. Placing fourth in the pool is James Schultz of Indiana, who will battle for seventh. Pool B is down to four athletes, all who still have a chance for the roundrobin: Daniel Bedoy of Indiana, Johnny Galloway of Iowa, Clint DeGain of Michigan and Curtis Scott of Idaho. Bedoy and DeGain are undefeated for the tournament. 167 - Pool A has been taken to the final four, Western double champion Josiah Jensen of Nevada, plus Joey Gorezynski of Oklahoma, Ryan Feltz of New York and J.D. Bergman of Ohio. Feltz and Bergman are unbeaten. Returning All-American Roger Kish of Michigan is in the final four of Pool B, along with Nathan Shirk of Pennsylvania, Michael Maresh of Minnesota and David Helfrich of Oregon. Kish, Shirk and Maresh are unbeaten. 182.5 - Both Pool A and Pool B are down to four wrestlers, all battling for shots in the medal rounds. Pool A includes Chris Weidman of New York, William Kent of California, Matt Baumann of Wisconsin and Aaron Keough of Ohio. Weidman and Kent are unbeaten. In Pool B, the final four are Robert Taylor of California, Anthony Rubalacava of California, Jared Massey of Minnesota and Gerard Habibian of Utah. Only Massey in unbeaten. The only returning Greco-Roman All-American, B.J. Frasier of Michigan, was eliminated in the third round. 209 - Both pools are down to the roundrobins. Pool A features Brandon Schweitzer of North Carolina, Joshua Sears of Ohio and James Hollis of California. Only Sears, a returning All-American, is unbeaten. The roundrobin for Pool A has boiled down to Grant Miller of Illinois, Zach Pierson of Indiana and Matt Loomis of New Jersey. Miller, also a returning All-American, is the only unbeaten athlete in the pool. The seventh place match has been set, between Daren Murphy of California and Chad Espinoza of Nevada. 242 - The roundrobins have been set at superheavyweight. In Pool A, Derrick Bendau of Ohio, returning All-American Chris Finn of Oklahoma, and Josh Bresnahan of Minnesota. Only Bresnahan is unbeaten. In Pool B, the roundrobin will feature Patrick Barrentine of Ohio, Trevor Laws of Minnesota and Keith Abercrombie of Michigan. Barrentine has no losses, but still must face Laws.