Asics Vaughan Junior National Greco Roman Championships Day One Summary

By Gary Abbott | July 23, 2000, 12 a.m. (ET)
98 - 1999 Junior National Greco-Roman champion Sterling Oglesby of Wyoming scored a pin in his first match. Two 1999 Cadet All-Americans won their first match: Willy Holst of Wisconsin and Dominic Schomberg of Wisconsin. Two 1999 Cadet All-Americans lost their first match: Andy Strand of Minnesota and Jeff Davis of Oklahoma. 105.5 -Both Junior National Greco-Roman runners-up in the weight class won their first bout by technical fall: Robert Ariaza of Arizona and Justin Pearch of Oregon. 1999 Cadet National champion Darryl Spackman of Utah opened with a pin. The other Cadet All-Americans with opening wins were Luke Smith of Wisconsin, J.J. Holt of California and Eric Stevenson of Oregon. 114.5 - Two returning Junior All-Americans posted 2-0 records on Sunday: Leo Bugaj of Oklahoma and Nick Leon of California. Bugaj scored two pins, while Leon won by a pair of decisions. Two other returning Junior All-Americans dropped matches. In the second round, former Cadet National champion Nate Piasecki of Wisconsin edged returning Junior National All-American John Sommer of Washington in a wild 14-13 shootout. Also in the second round, Andrew Leggett of Nebraska upset returning All-American Joe Espinosa of California, 8-5. Eric Anderson of Minnesota, a Junior National freestyle runner-up, has a pair of technical falls. 1999 Cadet National champion Nate Gallick scored a pair of technical falls. Other unbeatens include 1999 Cadet All-Americans Todd Meneely of Nebraska, Shawn Bunch of Kansas, and Ethan Kyle of Missouri. 123 -Returning Junior National champion Cam Jones of Utah scored a pair of technical falls. Clint Wolfley of Utah, who was third last year, had a technical fall and a bye. Chris Fleeger of Pennsylvania, who won a record four Cadet National titles, pinned his first rival.Brandon Lauer of Maryland, who placed at the 1999 Junior Freestyle Nationals, had a technical fall and a pin. 132 - This weight has the most returning Junior All-Americans. Both returning Junior champions, Mark Jayne of Ohio and Dusty Spaulding of Kansas, dominated their opponents. Jayne scored three technical falls, while Spaulding had two technical falls and a pin. Other undefeated returning All-Americans are Josh Lamano of Utah, Ben Cherrington of Colorado, Daniel Green of Oklahoma, Brad Metzler of Nebraska and Kelly Pederson of Minnesota. However, returning Junior runner-up Bryson Vasquez of Colorado was eliminated. He lost in the second round to Matt Stenglein of New York, 10-6, then was defeated by Jared Vogel of Kansas, 11-5. 1999 Cadet Greco-Roman champion Harry Lester of Ohio had two technical falls and an 8-6 decision. 143 - Returning Junior National Greco-Roman champion Matt Nagel of Minnesota won his first two bouts, with a pin and a technical fall. Junior Greco-Roman All-Americans Kasey Kohl of Nebraska and Chris Nedens of Montana were also unbeaten, with Kohl scoring two falls and Nedens taking a tech fall and a decision. Freestyle All-American Eric Keith of Indiana is also 2-0. 1999 Cadet National Champion Robb Maxwell of Utah had a pin and a tech. fall, while Cadet All-Americans Trent Paulson of Iowa and Josh Pulsifer of California were also unbeaten. 154 - 1999 Junior National bronze medallist Chris Borchardt of Wisconsin won his first three matches, with a pin, a technical fall and a decision. The Woodall brothers from Pennsylvania, both returning All-Americans, won each of their matches. Jason scored two technical falls and a pin, and James had two pins and an 8-1 win. In the first round, returning Junior All-American Zach Ferguson of Wyoming was defeated by Kenneth Cox of California by technical fall. Ferguson rebounded with a pin and a technical fall. 165 - Returning Junior National Greco-Roman champion Josh McLay of Minnesota opened with a pair of technical falls. Minnesota teammate, and returning All-American Brad Tupa had a technical fall and a pin. 1999 Cadet National Greco-Roman champion Matt Herrington of New York scored a pair of technical falls. 1999 Cadet National All-American Chris Lopez of California also had two wins. 178 - Returning champion Justin Millard of Pennsylvania opened with a pin and technical fall. The other six Junior All-Americans in this loaded weight are also unbeaten: Lee Kraemer of Wisconsin, Jordan Holm of Minnesota, George Kirgan of Illinois, Drew Hageman of Oregon, Quint Swanberg of Arizona and Gabe Harry of Wyoming. 1999 Cadet National Greco-Roman champion Eli Riley of Iowa registered a technical fall and a decision. 191.5 - With just one round today, none of the returning All-Americans suffered losses. Junior National Greco-Roman runner-up Alex Lammers of Ohio scored a pin and bronze-medalist Eli Ross of Minnesota won 7-1. Chris Skretkowitz of New Jersey, a Junior National freestyle All-American, scored a 5-3 victory. The two 1999 Cadet All-Americans in the field, Matt Daugherty of Georgia and Ian Bork of Kansas, also scored wins. 220 - The only returning Junior All-American, Marcio Bothelo of California, who placed third in the Junior Nationals in freestyle, scored a technical fall in the first round. The 1999 Cadet National Greco-Roman champion Max Lossen of Minnesota scored a pin, and Cadet bronze medallist Matt Feast of Pennsylvania also pinned his first opponent. 275 - All three returning Junior Greco-Roman All-Americans won their first matches: Jeremiah Beltran of California, Matt Hasbrook of Indiana and Seth Livingston of Montana. Beltran and Livingston won by technical fall and Hasbrook scored a pin. Last year's Cadet National double champion Joe Hennis of Florida had a 32 second fall. Cadet All-American Dan Howe of California won his bout, but Cadet National bronze medallist Neil Phillips of Oklahoma lost by pin to Cain Velasquez of Arizona.