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Marketing and Promoting Your Club

Last year, USA Wrestling contacted thousands of members to find out how we could better serve the wrestling community. An overwhelming number of coaches responded asking for assistance in marketing and promoting their clubs.

We listened. Over the past year, we've been working on a number of tools to help you recruit new wrestlers and build your program's profile.

Below, you'll find a variety of materials, ranging from posters to brochures and pamphlets. While each has a different purpose and target audience, all have the same goal: to build the sport of wrestling!

These files may be downloaded, saved, and sent to your local printer. Since all can be printed on standard equipment, costs will be low and turnaround times fast.

What are you waiting for? Start promoting wrestling today!

  • 2015 Women's Freestyle World Team
  • 2015 Men's Greco-Roman World Team
  • 2015 Men's Freestyle World Team
  • 2014 Women's Freestyle World Team
  • 2014 Men's Greco-Roman World Team
  • 2014 Men's Freestyle World Team
  • 2013 Women's Freestyle World Team
  • 2013 Men's Greco-Roman World Team
  • 2013 Men's Freestyle World Team
  • 2012 Olympic Team Poster - Freestyle
  • 2012 Olympic Team Poster - Greco-Roman
  • 2012 Olympic Team Poster - Women's Freestyle
  • Why Football Players Should Wrestle
  • Why MMA Fighters Should Wrestle
  • Anyone Can Wrestle
  •   Brochures
  • Membership Benefits
  • Coaches Membership Benefits
  • What Will Wrestling Do For Your Child