Start a Program

How To Begin Organizing a Beat the Streets Wrestling Program in Your City

  • Develop a Vision for Wrestling that will become the Mission Statement.

  • Recruit people who share the vision and want to help.

  • Organize the group - arrange for a meeting by inviting anyone to attend.

  • Begin "painting a picture" with broad strokes of what it will look like in a few years.

  • Begin the process of developing a Board of Directors and the process of becoming a 501C3 Not for Profit organization.

  • Join as a Member of USA Wrestling to provide the Medical and Liability Insurance for all people involved in the initiative

  • Contact the Beat the Streets USA Wrestling for help in the organization, program, equipment and fund-raising.

  • Make contact with the Department of Education in your city regarding the program your organization would like to lead in their middle schools.

  • Launch a MODEL Program in one MS and invest most of your assets into making the program successful.

  • Borrow or rent a used wrestling mat, secure a coach/teacher and begin doing great things for kids.