USA Wrestling Board of Directors

Jon Anderson
(Athlete - Greco-Roman)
Sara Bahoura
(AAC Chairperson)
Bruce Baumgartner
Dave Black
Rob Cate
(Chairperson of Folkstyle)
Jim Considine
Tervel Dlagnev
(Athlete - Freestyle)
Zac Dominguez
(Coaches Council)
Mike Duroe
(Coaches Council)
Charles Elvin
Patricia Fox
(Chair of Women's Age Group Council)
Dave Foxen
Dan Gable
William Grant
(Chair, Chair of WM Sport)
Werner Holzer
Jordan Holm
Mike Juby
(Chair of State Chairpersons)
Chris Kallai
Craig LaMont
(Vice Chair of Kids/Cadets Div.)
Jeff Levitetz
Kerry McCoy
Brent Metcalf
(Athlete - Freestyle)
Wynn Michalak
(Athlete - Freestyle)
Teague Moore
(FILA Jr World/ University Division)
Duane Morgan
(Treasurer, At-large)
James Ravannack
(Past President)
Mark Reiland
(2nd Vice President, Rep. Junior Division)
Louis Rosbottom
(Chairperson, Kids/Cadet Division )
Bryce Saddoris
(Athlete - Greco-Roman)
Nancy Schultz
Iris Smith
(Athlete-Women's Freestyle)
Lee Roy Smith
(Chairman, Hall of Fame)
Van Stokes
(Secretary, Chair of GR Sport)
Greg Strobel
(1st Vice President, Chair of FS Sport)
Rick Tucci
Marcie Lane-Van Dusen
Elliot Hopkins
Mark Krug
Mike Moyer
(Armed Forces Sports Council)
Marc Burchard
Anthony Holman