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USA Wrestling Board Committee Members

Athlete Advisory Committee
Sara Bahoura (WM) - Chair
Iris Smith (WM)
Marcie Lane-Van Dusen (WM) (USOC AAC)
Tervel Dlagnev (FS)
Wynn Michalak (FS)
Brent Metcalf (FS)
Jon Anderson (GR)
Bryce Saddoris (GR)
Jordan Holm (GR) (USOC AAC Alternate)

Executive Committee
Jim Ravannack - Chair
Greg Strobel - 1st VP
Bruce Baumgartner - 2nd VP
Van Stokes - Secretary
Duane Morgan - Treasurer
Rick Tucci - At-Large
Kerry McCoy- At-Large
Brent Metcalf, FS Athlete
Jordan Holm, GR Athlete
Iris Smith, WM Athlete
Mike Juby - Chair State Chair
Mark Reiland - JOWC
Bill Grant - JOWC
Stan Dziedzic, Past President / Non-voting

Finance Committee
Jamill Kelly - Athlete
Mike Juby - At-Large
Jordan Holm - Athlete
Duane Morgan -Treasurer
Don Reynolds - At-Large
Louis Rosbottom - JOWC
Van Stokes*

Junior Olympic Wrestling Committee
JOWC Board Report

Louis Rosbottom – Kids/Cadet, Chair
Dave Black – Northern Plains
Andy Bisek – Athlete
Kevin Crutchmer – Southern Plains
Zac Dominguez – Coaches Council
Pat Fox – Women’s Age Group Council
Bill Grant – Southeast
Mike Juby – State Chair Exec.
Chris Kallai – Central
Craig LaMont – Kids/Cadet
Wynn Michalak – Athlete
Teague Moore – UWW Junior/University
Stephanie Murata – Athlete
Mark Reiland – Junior
Rich Santoli – Northeast
Rick Tucci – USWOA
Ned Zollinger – West

Long-Range Planning Committee
Duane Morgan - At-Large, Chair
David Black - At-Large
Stan Dziedzic, Past President
Wayne Baughman - At-Large
Mark Reiland - At-Large
Mike Juby - At-Large
Pat Fox- JOWC
Jordan Holm, Athlete
Wynn Michalak, Athlete

Governance Committee
Bill Grant - At-Large
Duane Morgan - At-Large
Chris Kallai - At-Large
Craig LaMont - JOWC
RC Johnson, Athlete
Troy Nickerson, Athlete
Van Stokes, Chair (Secretary)

Freestyle Sport Committee
Mike Duroe - At-Large
Kerry McCoy - At-Large
Jamill Kelly, Athlete
Greg Strobel- At-Large - Chair
Mark Reiland - JOWC
JD Bergman, Athlete
Coleman Scott, Athlete
Dave Foxen- Fed of Clubs
Sam Julian - USWOA
Sean Bormet - CC

Greco-Roman Sport Committee
Greg Strobel, 1st VP
Jay Antonelli - At-Large
Van Stokes- At-Large, Chair
Zac Dominguez - JOWC
Aaron Sieracki, Athlete
Jordan Holm, Athlete
Roy Scott, USWOA
Rick Gumble - CC
Dave Foxen- Fed Club
Nate Engel, Athlete

Women's Freestyle Sport Committee
Greg Strobel - 1st VP
Patricia Fox - JOWC
Bill Grant- At-Large, Chair
Tricia Saunders - At-Large
Marcie Lane-Van Dusen- At-Large
Helen Maroulis, Athlete
Iris Smith, Athlete
Sara Bahoura, Athlete
Dave Foxen- Fed of Clubs
Tosca Adams - USWOA
Tony DeAnda - CC

Audit Committee
Mo Tavakolian- At-Large
Ted Young- At-Large
Dave Black (BOD)
Jim Considine (BOD), Chair
Katherine Fulp-Allen (BOD, Athlete)

Ethics Committee
Van Stokes (Secretary)
Craig LaMont - At-Large
LeeRoy Smith - At-Large
Mike Duroe - At-Large
Louis Rosbottom - JOWC
Andy Hrovat - Athlete
Ryan Churella - Athlete

Folkstyle Sport Committee
JD Bergman - At-Large
Donanvan Depatto - At-Large
Marcie Lane-Van Dusen - At-Large

Women's Oversight Committee
Greg Strobel, Chair of FS
Van Stokes, Chair of GR
Bill Grant, Chair of WM
Sara Bahoura, Athlete - Chair
Elena Pirozhova, Athlete

Officials Committee