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Club Application Instructions

New Club Applications are processed weekly.

When submitting a New Club Application, please make sure that at least one member is a Club Coach. This is a different classification than a Sports Performance Coach, as the Club Coach has completed and passed a background check.  Please contact the National Office prior to submitting your club application, to enable the background check for the member designated as Club Coach. The background is conducted by NCSI, who will send you two emails. The first will inform you that your background check is being processed. The second will inform you if your background check was successful or not. The National office will receive a copy of this second email as well. You have 90 days to complete the background check; once 90 days expires, your club application will be purged.

All club applications MUST be signed off by the LWC President. Contact information for your LWC President can be found on the website: HERE. Use this link to find the LWC # and LWC Name. (Note: the LWC name may not be the same as the State.)

Please note that only the Club President may remove or change officers. The Club Rep will be responsible for renewing the Club membership within his/her membership profile. The Club Rep will also be able to access a current affiliated athlete list.

Club memberships should be renewed prior to the expiration date to maintain their affiliated athletes. 

Club Application

Change Delete Transfer Club Form Instructions

Change/ Delete/ Transfer forms are required for those members wishing to change affiliation from one club to another, and coaching changes. Club changes require signatures from both Club Presidents, and the outgoing Club President must check the 4 month waiver, for the change to take immediate reflect. If they do not waive that wait period, you will be place as Unattached for 4 months from the signed date by the former Club President.

If you wish to change from Affiliated to Unaffiliated, please complete this form. Though this signature is not required, it will allow you join a new club sooner, if the wait period is waived.

If you are switching your Coach of Record, please complete this form. The only signature required for this is that of the Athlete.

If you are not currently affiliated with a club in your membership profile, please send an email to with your Membership ID # and the coach/club information you wish to add. 

Change-Delete-Transfer Form

Coaching Course

Coaching Course Sanction


Sanction Event Requirements/Rules *EFFECTIVE March 1, 2015

Event Sanction

Membership Application

Official Scoresheet

LWC Athlete Card


Club-Athlete International Travel Authorization Form