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February 25, 2013

All USAW athletes are subject to drug testing pursuant to all applicable USAW bylaws, rules, and regulations as well as all United States Anti-Doping Association (USADA) guidelines.  Athletes are identified quarterly for the USADA Out-of-Competition Registered Testing Pool, based on the following objective criteria:

Category 1 – The top ranked men and women overall on the currently available USA Weightlifting international teams ranking lists, down to the ninth ranked female team alternate and the tenth ranked male team alternate, as of the submission date for the testing pool for any given quarter.  The submission date for any calendar quarter is approximately 7 weeks prior to the beginning of the quarter.

Category 2 – Athletes on any team representing USAW in any International or Pan American event.

Category 3 – Athletes that have officially retired but have declared their intention to return to competition, in accordance with USADA policy.

Category 4 –Athletes that have tested positive for a banned substance throughout the sanction period.

Category 5 – Any athlete receiving USAW or USOC Direct Athlete Support (Elite Athlete Health Insurance, DAS/DASD Payments, USOTC Resident or Facility Use athlete) or any athlete qualifying for a program funded directly by the USOC or USAW.

Category 6- Athletes previously qualified for the RTP who have, for injury or other cause, been out of the RTP for at least two calendar quarters may be considered for re-enrollment at the discretion of USAW based upon athlete’s returning level of competition.

Athletes will be notified by USADA upon notification by USAW that they have qualified for the pool according to the above criteria.  Any athlete who becomes eligible for a USOC or USAW program, that was not previously eligible for the RTP, will be added to the pool immediately upon qualifying for the program and must be in compliance to participate in the program or event.  Compliance with the USADA OOC RTP is mandatory for eligibility for any international team and for various programs funded by USAW and the USOC.