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SEARCH OPTIONS FOR RESULTS:  Access to results takes the viewer to HangAStar (HAS), USAW’s membership database, in which every athlete’s competition history is stored. There are three ways to search for results from the Event Results page in HAS:

1.  To locate RESULTS of a particular athlete Enter the Member ID in the first field on the page that appears from the RESULTS link.

2.  To locate RESULTS using defined parameters:  If the Member ID is unknown, you may search for results using AT LEAST TWO of the drop-down lists on the page that appears from the RESULTS link.

3.  To locate RESULTS for a particular competition by sanction number:  
     a.  Find the state below in which the competition took place and its corresponding Local Weightlifting Committee (LWC) number(s).
     b.  The sanction number starts with the 2-digit LWC# from the list below, followed by the 2-digit year.  Example:  The sanction number for a competition that took place in 2013 in California would start with 38 or 33, depending on whether the competition was in northern or southern California, followed by '13' for the year and an additional number for internal identification.
     c.  Once you find the LWC# and year from the Event drop-down list on the RESULTS page, scroll to find the competition you wish to view.

Note:  National events are assigned a sanction number under the 2-digit code of '60' and may easily be found by scrolling down to the sanction numbers beginning with '60' in a particular year.

State LWC # State LWC #
Alabama 45 Nebraska 29
Alaska 56 Nevada 49
Arizona 48 New Hampshire    2
Arkansas  23 New Jersey   7
California, North (includes north-western Nevada) 38 New Mexico 42
California, South  33 New York (Metropolitan)   6
Colorado 32 New York (Niagara)   4
Connecticut    2 North Carolina 13
Delaware      8 North Dakota 52
Florida 14 Ohio 18
Georgia 45 Oklahoma 27
Hawaii 39 Oregon 37
Idaho 59 Pennsylvania (Harrisburg area)   8
Illinois  21 Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area) 11
Indiana 22 Rhode Island    2
Iowa 40 South Carolina 55
Kansas  28 South Dakota 54
Kentucky 41 Tennessee 15
Louisiana 23 Texas, North  26
Louisiana  24 Texas, South  43
Maryland      8 Utah 34
Maryland (includes D.C. area)   9 Vermont    2
Massachusetts    2 Virginia 12
Michigan 19 Washington 36
Minnesota 30 Washington D.C. area    9
Mississippi  24 West Virginia 51
Missouri  28 West Virginia    8
Montana 31 Wisconsin 20
National Office (National, Int'l Events)  60 Wyoming 58

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