Membership and Recertification Fees

Category Cost Per Year (Add $10 to the total if not paid online)
Youth Athlete (17 & under) $30 - Age must be 17 or under on 12/31/2016
Junior Athlete (18-20) $40 - Age must be between 18 & 20 on 12/31/2016
Senior Athlete (21 & up) $50 - Age must be over 21 on 12/31/2016
Master Athlete (35 & up) $55 - Age must be over 35 on 12/31/2016
Sports Performance Coach $35
Advanced Sport Performance Coach $35

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Membership & Certification are separate in our membership database, WebPoint. You must be current in both for your certification to be valid. 

Coaches may only renew for one year at a time, and your coaching certification can expire for up to 2 years before being required to take the course again. 

We have removed the option to renew as a Club Coach. Please renew as a Sports Performance Coach with Background Check. 

In the event of membership cancellation, USA Weightlifting does not refund membership or recertification fees.