2012 World University Championships Team Announcement

Oct. 29, 2012, 1:58 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting would like to congratulate the following World University Championship team members.  We  wish them the best of luck as they prepare to represent USA in Eilat, Israel from November 5th- 10th.   

Men’s Team Members:

Jared Fleming

Kyle Ernst

Michael Asbate

Women’s Team Members:

Suzie Sanchez

Samantha Zimmerman

Natalie Johnson

Sylvia Hoffman

Heather Smith

Breanne Carlson


The 2012 World University Championships competition begins today. Team USA lifters and staff all have arrived.

Coming at the end of the Olympic year, 145 competitors from 27 countries are scheduled to start in this championship in Eilat, Israel, the seaside resort town bordering Egypt and Jordan, just east of Saudi Arabia.

The IWF will provide a live scoreboard for this competition. The link can be found on the IWF website ( add link).

Later today, the first Team USA competitor, LSUS graduate Suzanna Sanchez, two time US National University Champion, competes in the 48 kg A category.

November 6, 2012

2:30 pm Eilat

Competing in her second World University Championships, Suzanna Sanchez won the silver medal overall, bronze in the snatch, and silver in the clean&jerk, setting a University American Record of 81 kg on her third attempt.

Sanchez set four personal records in the competition - snatch at 61 kg, jerk at 81 kg, and two totals, at 139 kg and 142 kg - in a five for six performance.

Breanne Carlson competes in the 58 kg tomorrow at 2:00 pm.


November 7, 2012

3:30 pm Eilat

Competing in her first World University Championships, Breanne Carlson, graduate of Northern Michigan University,  placed sixth in the 58 kg category.

Carlson set 6 personal records - 65 kg  and 67 kg snatch, 78 kg and 82 kg clean&jerks, and totals of 145 kg and 149 kg,  in a 5 for 6 performance.

Sylvia Hoffman and Natalie Johnson compete tomorrow in the 69 kg category. Michael Asbate competes at 77 kg, and Samantha Zimmerman at 75 kg.

The USA Weightlifting team poses with National Team Coach Zygmunt Smalcerz's native Polish team at the 2013 WUC in Eilat. 


November 8, 2012

5:30 pm Eilat

Competing in their first World University Championships, Silvia Hoffman, LSUS graduate, and Natalie Johnson, University of Minnesota graduate, placed fifth and sixth in the 69w kg category.

Hoffman totaled 167 kg, tying her recently made personal best, snatching 72 kg and jerking a personal best 95 kg. Johnson totaled a personal best 163 kg, snatching 70 kg and jerking 93 kg, both personal bests. Hoffman and Johnson completed five of six lifts in the competition.

Michael Asbate, LSUS undergraduate, finished thirteenth in the 77 kg category. Nursing a groin strain, Asbate completed three snatches and one jerk to total 233 kg, in a four of four effort, prior to withdrawing from the competition as a precautionary measure.

Samantha Zimmerman, competing in her third World University Championships at 75 kg, placed fifth, totaling 201 kg, snatching 88kg and jerking 113 kg, in a three for six performance.

Kyle Ernst and Jared Fleming compete tomorrow in the 94 kg category. Heather Smith competes at 75+ kg on the final day of the competition.


November 9,  2012

6:30 pm Eilat

Competing in their first World University Championships, Jared Fleming, LSUS undergraduate, and Kyle Ernst, University of North Carolina law student, placed sixth and ninth in the 94 kg category.

Fleming totaled 340 kg, and Ernst  329 kg, each completing three of six attempts. Fleming snatched 350 kg and jerked 190 kg. Ernst snatched 148 kg and jerked 181 kg.

Heather Smith, University of Dayton graduate student, competing in her first international competition at the World University Championships at 75+ kg, was unable to snatch 90 kg, but went on to clean&jerk 110 kg.

This concludes the Team USA category sessions competition at the 2013 World University Championships.