Level One Sports Performance FAQs

What do I need to do to renew my Level 1 Sports Performance Coach Certification?
Please follow renewal instructions on previous page by clicking here.
Do I ever need to take the course again?
The only time you'll need to take the Level 1 Sports Performance course again is if you fail the recertification test 2 times. After the second failure, you cannot retake the test and must take the class over to recertify.
Is it possible to renew my certification before my current one expires?
Yes, you can renew your current certification online up to 2 months before it expires; any earlier will not be accepted.
What if I don't have a computer to take the test and recertify?
If you don't have a computer where you can access your account and recertify online, please contact the National Office.
I failed the recertification test. What do I do?
If you do not pass the test, the system will notify you and reset your test status to pending. If you do not pass the second time, you will need to retake the course in order to be certified.