National Coach

USAW National Coach Certification is contingent on the following: A coach can qualify for the National Coach Certification by satisfying two criteria: 1) bring two athletes to a national level event (the Nationals, Junior Nationals or American Open) who demonstrate good technique, and, 2) successfully complete a USAW Advanced Sports Performance course, or pass a proctored practical and written exam for that level.
  • Successful completion of the Advanced Sports Performance Coach Course
  • Receive a passing score on the Advanced Sports Performance Coach Course Test
  • Bring two, different, athletes to a national level event (the Nationals, Junior Nationals or American Open)
  • Pass a background check. Click here for more information (USAW is not responsible for applicable fees)
  • The athletes competing at the National Level event must, successfully, complete a technique review evaluation that may either be live or via video submission
  • Complete the National Coach Application Click here to download the application NOTE: The athletes you coach must have you listed as their Coach 1 on their respective USAW membership accounts for them to count towards your advancement
  • Active, continued USAW membership and certification at the current level.

Video Evaluation: Applicants for National Coach Rating must submit a video clip of both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. The video should be from the National Championship event and be videoed in such a way that the judging lights may be seen in the background.

· Active, continued USAW membership.

Coaching Assignment: May assist with Sports Performance Coach Courses

USA Weightlifting is the official governing body of Olympic Weightlifting in the United Sates and the provider of coaching education for the sport of weightlifting under the United States Olympic Committee. Courses and certifications provided by third party vendors/organizations are non-transferable, towards a USA Weightlifting certification.  The sport and science of weightlifting is constantly changing and progressing with new discoveries happening frequently.  For this reason there are no previous courses that are transferable or "grand-fathered" in to obtaining a USA Weightlifting Certification.  The information presented in our courses is up to date and therefore it is in the best interest of our sport to ensure that coaches are properly training and educated. Individuals seeking certification through USA Weightlifting must complete the courses and requirements set forth by the organization.