USA Weightlifting

This information is here to help you with any questions relating to clubs. If you do not see the answers you are looking for below please contact USAW.
Starting a Club
  1. Fill out the Club Application Form. Please note that at least one USAW certified Club Coach is required for every club. 
  2. Send the Club Application Form and your club fee to your LWC president.
  3. If approved, the LWC president will sign off and send the application and fee to USAW for registration.
  4. Once registered with USAW, the club will be notified that they are now an official USAW club.
  5. Club renewals are one (1) year from the date that they club becomes official and can be done online.

Athlete Registration with your club

  1. Non-USAW athletes - Non-USAW athletes must fill out a Membership Application Form online or print one out and send it to USAW via email, fax or mail. On the form there is a section for club affiliation where your club name and club number must be written.
  2. USAW athletes - USAW athletes must fill out the Change, Delete, Transfer Form and send it to USAW via email, fax or mail.
    *Note - athletes who are currently attached to a club and want to switch need to have both their current and future club presidents sign the Change, Delete, Transfer Form.


  1. Coverage - Once your club has been official registered with USAW, you will automatically be covered under the USAW General Liability Insurance. Click here for an overview of the policy.
  2. Claims - Instructions for filing a claim and the claim form can be found here.
  3. Insurance Certificates - If you would like to request an insurance certificate for your club please email your certificate holder's club's name, address, email, phone/fax number, direct contact person's name and email to USAW. If the address to send the certificate to is different from the certificate holder's please supply that as well.

Changing & Adding ALL Club Information

  1. Changing the location or president/coach information - You can change all club information on your club's membership page through the membership system. The current rep of the club must log in and change that information.
  2. Changing ownership of the club - Club presidents can pass ownership of the club to another USAW member and must submit a request to the National Office with the signatures of the current and future club president. All current club members must be told about the transfer. If club members would like to change their club affiliation to one other than the current club, they must refer to this page.
Website Development

- USAW is currently using Club Spaces to provide free website development for clubs.

Click here to see what Club Spaces can offer your club.

Marketing & Fundraising - Click here for more information.

Club Banners - Banners are available for purchase online.

Club Benefits - For all discounts/rebates, please contact USAW.

  • General Liability Insurance 
  • Opportunity to compete as a team at national events
  • Merchandise discount (10%) when you spend $300 or more
  • Growth Incentive - USAW club with the largest increase in membership for the calendar year will receive a 3x5 size USAW banner for their club space (to begin in 2011)