U.S. Wins Disabled Worlds

Aug. 28, 2011, 10:44 p.m. (ET)
The U.S. Disabled Water Ski Team won the world team gold medal and five U.S. team members won individual medals at the 10th Disabled Water Ski World Championships, presented by the Barbara Bolding/Jim Grew Foundation, Aug. 25-28, at Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio.

Ten athletes represented the 2011 U.S. Disabled Water Ski Team at the biennial event. A total of 38 athletes from 13 countries participated in the championships. The United States tallied 12,129.90 points in winning the gold medal for the sixth time. Italy earned the silver medal for the second consecutive time with 10,331.45 points and France earned the bronze medal for the second consecutive time with 8,975.32 points.

Within each event (slalom, tricks and jumping), athletes were grouped into the three categories of seated (paraplegics and quadriplegics), standing (arm and/or leg disabilities with or without prosthesis) and vision impaired (partially or totally blind). U.S. team members earned a total of 10 individual medals, including four gold medals, four silver medals and two bronze medals.

Members of the U.S. Disabled Water Ski Team were: William Furbish (Atlanta, Ga.), MP1; Chad Guzman (Gilbert, Ariz.), MP3; Katie Mawby (Grand Haven, Mich.), V2/3; Matt Oberholtz (Oroville, Calif.), MP3; Robbie Parks (Lexington, N.C.), MP2; Jessica Radmilovic (Pine Grove, Calif.), MP2; Joe Ray (Wilsonville, Ala.), MP2; Daniel Reed (Indianapolis, Ind.), MP3; Mike Royal (Spring, Texas), V1 and Craig Timm (Center City, Minn.), A. Oberholtz, Rhonda Van Dyk (Belding, Mich.) and Dr. Keith Barbour (Monroe, Mich.) served as the team's coach, manager and physician, respectively. Eight of the 10 U.S. team members contributed points toward the team's scoring total.

Radmilovic won four medals, including one gold medal and three silver medals. She won the gold medal in women's seated slalom (4.00/37), establishing a new women’s MP2 world record. She earned silver medals in women’s seated tricks (340 points), jumping (45 feet/13.6 meters) and overall (2,816.91 points). In the preliminary round, Radmilovic tied the existing women's MP2 world tricks record with a score of 780 points. Ray won the gold medal in men's seated slalom (4.00/40) and the bronze medal in overall (2,541.28 points). Mawby won gold medals in women's vision impaired slalom (3.00/28) and tricks (580 points). Guzman earned the silver medal in men's seated slalom (3.00/49). Royal earned the bronze medal in men's vision impaired tricks (420 points).

A total of six new world records were set and ratified at the event. In addition to Radmilovic's two records, Australia's Jamie McDonald set a new world jumping record of 19 feet (5.8 meters) in men's A/L1; France's Delphine Le Sausse set a new women's MP3 world tricks record of 1,340 points; Italy's Daniele Cassioli set a new men's V1 world jumping record of 69 feet (21.1 meters); and Australia's Darryl Hoyle established a new men's MP3 world jumping record of 86 feet (26.3 meters).

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