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Athletes At The Tryout

Jersey # Name   School Position
86 Emmy Allen Washington State Outside Left
66 Jordan Anderson University of West Virginia Outside Left
N53 Acacia Andrews Colorado State University Middle
N51 Simone Antwi University of Florida Middle
R76 Bianca Arellano Arizona State University Setter
R88 Shellsy Ashen University of Oregon Setter
B39 Meredith Ashy Ohio University Defensive Specialist
15 Breanna Atkinson Duke University Outside Left
77 Nikki Attea West Virginia University Outside Right
B24 Denise Atualevao Graceland University Defensive Specialist
B55 Jasmine Austin University of Mary-Hardin Baylor Defensive Specialist
49 BreElle Bailey Arizona State University Outside Right
N36 Breanna Barksdale University of Cincinnati Middle
B26 Amy Barmore Georgetown College Defensive Specialist
B23 Rebecca Bates Air Force  Defensive Specialist
5 Ashley Battle Virginia Tech Outside Right
25 Maris Below Miami University Outside Left
R80 Morgan Bergren University of Kentucky Setter
N29 Kelsey Biltoft University of South Dakota Middle
N5 Mercedes Binns Arizona State University Middle
35 Jessica Bird Creighton University Outside Left
R64 Jianna  Bonomi University of San Diego Setter
N1 Jacquelle  Boone Wesley College  Middle
8 Mary Helen Boyle LSU Outside Left
R72 Katie  Brand Kansas State University Setter
53 Elizabeth  Brenner University of Oregon Outside Left
2 Lauren Brobst University of Iowa Outside Left
N41 Alaysia  Brown Univerisity of San Diego Middle
N18 Kelli Browning Creighton University Middle
B37 Rachel Brummitt Texas Tech University Defensive Specialist
61 Cailin Bula Southern Methodist University Outside Left
R98  Dana Burkholder University of Arizona Setter
76 Abbey Bybel Southern Methodist University Outside Right
R73 Lauren Carlini University of Wisconsin-Madison Setter
B34 Chelsi Carter Samford University Defensive Specialist
N7 Jenna Cavanaugh Youngstown State  Middle
89 Karrian Chambers University of North Carolina at Greenboro Outside Left
N30 Nakeyta Clair University of Mississippi Middle
48 Ann Clappier Southern Utah University Outside Right
4 Akokwe Clement Air Force Outside Left
B35 Delaney Clesen University of Pittsburgh Defensive Specialist
B17 Jaime Colaizzi Colorado State University Defensive Specialist
45 Abby Cole Michigan Outside Right
50 Melanie Crow University of Mississippi Outside Right
14 Adrianna Culbert Colorado State University Outside Left
68 Kellie Culbertson University of Tulsa Outside Right
N26 India Cuttino New Mexico State University  Middle
B28 Marli Dabareiner Randolph Macon College Defensive Specialist
R68 Mackenzie  Dagostino University of Florida Setter
R69 Kelli Dallmann Northern Arizona University Setter
75 Shelby Dalton University of Utah Outside Right
R91 Lexi Dannemiller Michigan Setter
56 Breeann David Texas Tech University Outside Left
B14 Rebekah Davis Francis Marion Defensive Specialist
17 Ally Davis Michigan Outside Left
87 Hannah Deede Western Oregon Universtiy Outside Right
B27 Becky Defoe Oregon State University Defensive Specialist
R97 Maggie Deichmeister Duke University Setter
36 Gabby Deshotel University of Alabama at Burmingham Outside Left
51 Megan Devine East Tennessee State University Outside Left
13 Caitlin DeWitt Loyola Marymount University  Outside Left
N46 Alessandra Dietz University of Iowa Middle
N11 Jewell Dobson Lipscomb Middle
21 Tiana Dockery University of Kansas Outside Left
R96 Julia Doyle University of Oklahoma Setter
B41 Karly Drolson UCLA Defensive Specialist
R89 Taylor Dunklau University of New Hampshire Setter
N20 Alyssa Dwyer Point Loma Nazarene University Middle
R92 Kaitlyn Early Illinois State University Setter
R71 Aubrey Edie University of Mississippi Setter
84 Adreene Elliott University of Maryland: College Park Outside Right
B53 Kaitlyn Embrey Murray State University Defensive Specialist
19 Erin Fairs University of South Florida Outside Left
22 Jennifer Fassbender North Dakota State University Outside Left
B31 Kristin Faust Clemson University Defensive Specialist
N57 Claire Felix UCLA Middle
44 Canace Finley University of Oregon Outside Right
B36 Cara Fisher University of Mississippi Defensive Specialist
7 Lauren  Ford Lipscomb University Outside Left
B51 Taylor  Formico UCLA Defensive Specialist
N58 Jennie Frager UCLA Middle
N60 Emily Franklin University of Kentucky Middle
B6 Angela Freeze Defensive Specialist
B54 Kelsie French Defensive Specialist
37 Macey Gardner Arizona State University Outside Left
B16 Amber Gass Hudson Valley Community College Defensive Specialist
R67 Katie George University of Louisville Setter
B25 Kassidi  Gilgenast Defensive Specialist
R82 Abby Gilleland Ohio University Setter
N33 Janelle Giordano Southern Methodist University Middle
N25 Krystalyn Goode Michigan Middle
N24 Mara Green Florida State University Middle
N4 Skye Gullatt University of New Mexico Middle
N35 Briana Guzman St. Johns University  Middle
N13 Stephanie Hagins University of Idaho Middle
B7 Kristen Hahn Iowa State University Defensive Specialist
R65 Erica Handley University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Setter
N38 Kayla Haneline University of Northern Iowa Middle
N19 Ver'Leea Hardaway Washington State University Middle
47 Chelsey Harris Rice University Outside Right
B57 Meredith Hays University of Arkansas Defensive Specialist
B20 Morgan Heise Southern Methodist  Defensive Specialist
N8  Lauren Henderson Austin Peay State Middle
N56 Briana Holman LSU Middle
64 Kierra Holst University of Oklahoma Outside Left
46 Alex Holston University of Florida Outside Right
33 Kyra Holt Washington State University Outside Left
31 Cassie House University of New Mexico Outside Left
42 Imani Hudson Stevenson University Outside Right
N48 Jillian Humphrey Rice University Middle
N49 Jenny Ingle Miami University Middle
R74 Alyssa Jensen University of California, Berkeley Setter
R79 Hannah Johnson University of New Mexico Setter
N28 Andrea Kacsits Ohio State University Middle
34 Carly Kan University of Missouri Outside Left
B48 Sasha Karelov Duke University Defensive Specialist
40 Eliza Katoa University Of Utah Outside Left
58 Sarah Katz American University Outside Left
R87 Kaylee Kehoe University of Georgia Setter
57 Litara Keil Loyola Marymount University  Outside Left
R84 Hillary Keltner Air Force  Setter
B50 Maddy Kerr University of California, Berkeley Defensive Specialist
B38 MacKenzie Kleespies James Madison University Defensive Specialist
11 Kendall Kritenbrink University of South Dakota Outside Left
R94 Victoria Kroll University of South Dakota Setter
9 Kelly Lamberti Ohio University Outside Left
N31 Taina Laporte University of Mississippi Middle
B21 Laura Larson University of Arizona Defensive Specialist
74 Morgan Leach Indiana University Outside Right
83 Catherine Leak LSU Outside Left
B12 Veronica Lewis University of Arizona Defensive Specialist
N47 Whitney Little University of Missouri Middle
B58 Gabby Litwin Mississippi State University Defensive Specialist
B13 Amanda  Love  Virginia Commonwealth University  Defensive Specialist
72 Karsta Lowe UCLA Outside Right
70 Madison Mahaffey LSU Outside Right
B2 Michelle Makela Nyack College Defensive Specialist
18 Gabby Mallette University of Florida Outside Left
62 Alexandra (Andie) Malloy Baylor University Outside Left
65 Mary-Kate Marshall Oregon State Outside Left
N61 Kelly McCaddin American University Middle
3 Maya McClendon University of Louisville Outside Left
10 Sara McClinton University of Kansas Outside Left
12 Leah McNary Creighton University Outside Left
B33 Sarah Meister University of Missouri Defensive Specialist
B52 Emily Milligan North Dakota State University Defensive Specialist
N43 Emily Minnick North Dakota State University Middle
N32 Amber Mirabello Loyola Marymount University Middle
N42 Emily Miron North Dakota State University Middle
23 Katie  Mitchell Ohio State University Outside Left
82 Makenzie Moea'i University Of Utah Outside Right
B44 Taylor Morey University of Wisconsin-Madison Defensive Specialist
27 Kayla Morin Northwestern University Outside Left
B43 Kelsey Morrison University of Texas at Dallas Defensive Specialist
B8 Katie Mosher Florida State University  Defensive Specialist
B10 Kori Moster Michigan State University Defensive Specialist
B30 Ellen Mullins University of Tennessee Knoxville Defensive Specialist
N39 Kacey Nady University of Oregon Middle
B32 Jacqueline Napper University of Kentucky Defensive Specialist
B47 Amanda Neill Purdue University Defensive Specialist
R85 Valerie Nichol Purdue University Setter
N3 Me'Ashah Nicholson University of Cincinnati Middle
B62 Kiana Nicio Orange Coast College Defensive Specialist
B49 Caroline Niedospial Northwestern University Defensive Specialist
73 Adrianna Nora University of Minnesota Outside Right
B42 Tatum Norton University of Oregon Defensive Specialist
79 Ebony Nwanebu University of Southern California Outside Right
R81 Caitlin Ogletree University of Cincinnati Setter
B9 Emily  Orrick Illinois State University Defensive Specialist
32 Lindsey Owens Virginia Tech Outside Left
B46 Anna  Panagiotakopoulos West Virginia University Defensive Specialist
43 Erin Radke University of Iowa Outside Right
63 Kylie Randall Ohio State University Outside Left
B15 Kelcie Randazzo California State University of Northridge  Defensive Specialist
N44 Katherine Reininger Kansas State University Middle
N12 Rachel Rhoades University of Arizona Middle
R95 Meg Riley Miami University Setter
N21 Sara Rishell University of Alabama at Burmingham Middle
B56 Stevi Robinson Defensive Specialist
39 Danielle Root West Virginia University Outside Left
16 Ashley Rosch Illinois State University Outside Left
80 Elise Ruddins University of Southern California
Outside Right
R27 Caleigh Ryan Northwestern University Setter
20 Hannah Sackett West Virginia University Outside Left
R78 Brittany Sample West Virginia University Setter
B40 Shawna-Lei Santos St. John's University Defensive Specialist
N22 DeLaina Sarden UCF Middle
R66 Katie Schau University of Minnesota Setter
N10 Emily  Schneider Illinois State University Middle
N16 Hannah Schraer University of Southern California
N14 Alyssa Schultz University of Idaho Middle
B3 Ellen  Schulz Olivet College Defensive Specialist
67 Frankie Shebby University of Oregon Outside Left
B85 Maggie Sherrill Air Force  Outside Left
R86 Michelle Sicner Creighton University Setter
1 Moneshia Simmons Clemson University Outside Left
B59 Cierra Simpson University of Colorado at Boulder Defensive Specialist
52 Taylor Simpson University of Colorado at Boulder Outside Left
59 Emily Sklar Duke University Outside Left
R99 Samantha Slonski Eastern CT State University Setter
B11 Courtney Smith Tennessee Tech Defensive Specialist
N59 Lauren Smith Creighton University Middle
R77 Colleen Smith DePaul University Setter
N9 Kelsey Snider Colorado State University Middle
B18 Kate Sommer Washington State University Defensive Specialist
N40 Tayler Soucie University of Kansas Middle
28 Devanne Sours Univeristy of New Mexico Outside Left
N45 Erica Stahl Butler University Middle
N34 Kristen Stehling Southern Methodist University Middle
B60 Morgan Stenson Illinois Wesleyn University Defensive Specialist
78 Rachelle Suaava Loyola Marymount University Outside Right
R70 Esther Suelzle Corban University Setter
B22 Tess  Sutton University of Utah Defensive Specialist
N37 Hannah Tapp University of Minnesota Middle
N6 Paige Tapp University of Minnesota Middle
41 Lauren Teknipp University of Georgia Outside Right
6 Malina Terrell University of San Francisco Outside Left
30 Anne Thomasson University of Kentucky Outside Left
N17 Dominique Thompson University of Wisconsin-Madison Middle
N54 Jordan Tucker Duke University Middle
88 Krista Vansant University of Washington Outside Left
N62 Mercedes  Vaughn Florida State University Middle
R83 Christina  Vucich Duke University Setter
24 Mallory  Waggoner California State University Fullerton Outside Left
60 Nicole  Walch Florida State University Outside Left
81 Elise Walch Florida State University Outside Right
N2 Serena Warner University of Oregon Middle
B29 Alyssa Warren Seton Hall University Defensive Specialist
N50 Alexandra (Alex) Warren Mississippi State University Middle
29 Julia Warren Univeristy of New Mexico Outside Left
B45 Heather Weiss Wayne State University Defensive Specialist
B5 Caitlin  Welch University of Louisville Defensive Specialist
B4 Rachel  Wells UNC - Asheville Defensive Specialist
N52 Caleah Wells West Virginia University Middle
N55 Alyse Whitaker Duke University Middle
N23 Ayana Whitaker Loyola Marymount University  Middle
R93 Sarah Wickstrom Florida State University  Setter
B61 Korrin  Wild California State University, Fresno  Defensive Specialist
26 Sarah Wilhite Minnesota Outside Left
38 McKenzie Willey Arizona State University Outside Left
B1 Chelsea Wilson George Fox University Defensive Specialist
54 Emily Wilson University of Missouri Outside Left
B19 Scout Wonsang Alabama State University Defensive Specialist
N27 Kiara Wright University of Southern California
55 Jessica Wynn University of Pittsburgh Outside Left
71 Caroline Young SMU Outside Right