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What to Expect

How do I PREPARE for the Beach HP National Tryouts?

Athletes will be evaluated on both their physical and beach volleyball skills. Check out our Tryout Plan and Physical Testing Procedures in order to prepare yourself for the tryout.

The chart below shows the average test scores of the entire tryout population as well as the average test score of the athletes invited to the Elite Eight (E8) Team in 2013. The final score is the highest score per test per age group. Things to keep in mind:

  • USAV Beach athletes need to be well-rounded and possess all skills and the athleticism to perform at the highest level. No one score qualifies (or disqualifies) an athlete from consideration from a specific program. Rather, the physical and skill scores give USAV a general idea of an individual's current ability level and his/her future potential.

How this chart should be used: Compare each of your scores to the average and the E8 average in your age group to see where you compare with the top athletes and the national average. Note that in the youth categories (U15-U19) many athletes scoring at about the national average often receive invitations to High Performance Camps.

USAV Beach HP Tryout Evaluators are highly experienced coaches who have been trained by USAV to understand the rating system that we use. While it is impossible to remove all subjectivity from the process, evaluators will utilize the USAV Skill Assessment Chart to make their final evaluations based on USAV criteria.

HT = height.  APP = approach.  VRT = vertical.  BRD = broad jump.  24M = sprint. STR = start drill. Skill = overall skills
Ave = average. E8 ave = Elite Eight average.

What time does registration starts?
Registration starts one hour prior to the tryout.
What do I need to bring?

Do I need to sign up with a partner?
No. We evaluate athletes individually.
Should I tryout more than once?
It depends on how you feel after your tryout performance. If you believe you could have performed better or you were feeling sick/injured, we suggest that you tryout again.