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Just as we devote many hours evaluating and selecting Beach HP pipeline athletes, we also put great effort into selecting the coaches for our camps and teams. We have developed a depth chart for Beach HP coaches and base our decisions accordingly. Our goal is always to assemble the best possible coaching staff for our programs and athletes.

Areas we consider when choosing a staff member (in no particular order) include, but may not be limited to:

  • Professional integrity and character
  • Cooperation, dedication and assistance
  • Coaching and teaching ability
  • Technical proficiency / Knowledge of the game
  • BCAP certification
  • History of success
  • Experience
  • Court Presence
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Availability
  • Location

The mission of the USAV Beach HP programs is to build upon the talents and potential of our athletes and coaches, giving them the best opportunity to grow, develop, and improve.

PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY AND CHARACTER: Fundamental integrity and character are essential elements of successful coaching. True leadership of a team is based on earned trust, which is developed through the words, actions, and decisions of the coaching staff.

COOPERATION, DEDICATION AND ASSISTANCE: Working closely with Beach HP staff to improve the program is a key coach requirement. Assistance at tryouts is an important element of this, but there are a number of ways in which coaches are needed to implement, build, and improve the operation of Beach HP. In many cases these tasks aren't the highest profile positions, but are critical to our success.

COACHING AND TEACHING ABILITY: Great coaches are great teachers, great managers, and great organizers. These characteristics allow the coach to impart their knowledge efficiently and effectively to the athletes through words, organized practice, and the managed development of skills.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME/ TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY: Technical proficiency is the ability to quantify, prioritize, and track the elements of the game that are critical to the success of the team and their opponents. The greater the knowledge of the coach, the more he or she has to teach and give to the athletes in a wider range of situations.

CERTIFICATION: USAV Beach HP recognizes coaching education achievements obtained through our Beach Coaching Accreditation Program (BCAP).

HISTORY OF SUCCESS: While winning is the most apparent measure of success, and will always be considered when  evaluating a coach, others measures of success that are valued and considered are improved ranking, athlete retention, and athlete satisfaction.

EXPERIENCE: Experience is measured in terms of years, variety, and depth of service, all important aspects of the development of a successful coach within the Beach HP pipeline.

COURT PRESENCE: Volunteering at USAV Beach HP tryouts is the gateway to coaching other USAV Beach HP programs. During tryouts coaches have the opportunity to make themselves standout. The energy a coach projects on court, their understanding of the tryout process, and their willingness to go the extra distance to make tryouts a meaningful experience for all will be considered. Our coach evaluation is done both at tryouts and summer/winter programs.

LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK: Within a successful staff each member fills an integral role. At USAV Beach HP coaches may be asked to serve as Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Court Coach, Apprentice Coach, or Evaluator based on the requirements of each event. Coaches are expected to develop the ability to fulfill any of these roles and to cultivate teamwork and respect among our athletes and staff. Coaches should always lead by example.

GENDER AND ETHNICITY: While we continue to factor gender and ethnicity into the selection process of coaches, the top priority is to assemble the best possible coaching staff for the betterment of the athletes and the success of the program.

AVAILABILITY: All coaches are not invited to all programs. If a coach is invited to work a particular event and declines the offer they may not be offered another opportunity for that same year.
Self-imposed NCAA restrictions - USAV Beach is aware of the perceived and/or real advantage that exists in coaching the top USA program with regard to college recruiting. With this in mind we have implemented a self-imposed restriction on using NCAA Division I Sand Coaches with our Girls' Youth National and Women's Junior National Teams.

LOCATION: As with all programs a budget controls our ability to cover travel costs for coaches. Based on camp location we will seek qualified coaches within driving distance to work the camp.

USAV  Beach HP Minimum Camp Requirements
Below is a chart with some of the minimum qualifications that we use as a guide to invite coaches to participate in our program. These are minimums and meeting these qualifications DOES NOT guarantee that a coach will be asked to coach at a higher level program.

Beach HP Coaching Graphic