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The detail information about the PVL Competitions/Championships/Event are below on this page.

Regions fielding PVL Teams in the 2013 season *updated on Feb. 13, 2013

Arizona Region:
Arizona Sizzle (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: Ron Pelham,

Badger Region:
Badger Blizzards (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: Deb Stadick, Program Director,

Evergreen Region:
Team Evergreen (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: Carly Curtis,

Florida Region:
Florida WAVE (women), Florida WAVE (men)
Contact: Steve Bishop, Executive Director/President,

Great Lakes Region:
Great Lakes Swing Away (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: Sandy Abbinanti, Region Commissioner,

Great Plains Region:
Great Plains Tornados (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: Sue Mailhot, Region Commissioner,

Heart of America Region:
HAVOC (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: Kristin Rhodes, Havoc director,

Hoosier Region:
Hoosier Exterminators (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: Mitch Stemm, Region Commissioner,

Iowa Region:
Team Iowa Ice (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: Lynne Updegraff, Region Commissioner,

New England Region:
Team New England (women), Team New England (men)
Contact: Dave Peixoto, Region Commissioner,

North Texas Region:
Team North Texas (women), filding men's PVL team is under consideration.
Contact: Robyn Barlow, Executive Director,

Northern California Region:
Dream Team NCVA (women), Dream Team NCVA (men)
Contact: Donna Donaghy, Region Commissioner,

Puget Sound Region:
Sound Premier Volleyball Team (women), not fielding men's PVL team
Contact: John Bryant, Region Commissioner,

Western Empire Region:
Western Empire (women), Western Empire (men)
Contact: John Hughes, Sr., Region Commissioner,

2013 PVL Season Schedule *tentative

Please note that this is the tentative schedule. Before you enroll your PVL teams, please inquire the contact person of the detail information on each PVL competition.

(Men's Division)

PVL Men’s Championship in the USA Volleyball Boys' Junior National Championships
at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, Nev.
in June 29-July 2
*Check in on June 27 and check out on July 3
**Practice day is set up on June 28.

(Women's Division)

PVL Women's Competition in the President's Day Classic
Great Plains Tornados(home) defeated HAVOC(away) 26-24, 25-21, 25-20
on the Court 30 at the CenturyLink Omaha Convention Center, Omaha, Neb.
at 6:00pm on February 15.
Contact: Sue Mailhot,

PVL Women's Competition in Des Moines
Great Plains Tornados, HOA HAVOC, Great Lakes Swing Away, and Iowa Ice
at the Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa
on March 17
Contact: Lynne Updegraff,
*Start time will depend on the number of teams attending.
**Entry fee $0 for teams
***If hotels needed we can get a room block for them.

PVL Women's Match in the Pacific Northwest Qualifier
Team Evergreen (away) vs. Sound Premier Volleyball Team (home)
in Spoken, Wash.
on March 29

PVL Women's Competition in Kansas City (1)
Great Plains Tornados (away) vs. HAVOC (home)
at the Kansas City Kansas Community College, Kansas City, Kan.
at 4:00pm & 6:00pm on April 7
Contact: Kristin Rhodes,
*While two teams are already confirmed to participate in this competition, they are still accepting other teams joining in the competition.

PVL Women's Match in Lake Stevens, Wash.
Team Evergreen (away) vs. Sound Premier Volleyball Team (home)
in Lake Stevens, Wash.
on April 13

PVL Women's Competition in the Show Me Qualifier
at the Bartle Hall in Kansas City, Mo.
in April 13-14
Contact: Kristin Rhodes,

Chicago PVL Women's Event
at the Energy Volleyball Complex, Niles, IL, on May 18
9:00-10:30am Badger Blizzards vs. Great Lakes Swing Away
10:30am-12:00pm Iowa Ice vs. Badger Blizzards
12:30-2:00pm Great Lakes Swing Away vs. Iowa Ice
Contact: Amanda Craig,
*No admission for spectators
**While three teams are already confirmed to participate in this competition, they are still accepting other teams joining in the competition.

PVL Women’s Championship in the USA Volleyball Open National Championships
at the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, Louisville, Ky., in May 25-28
Please move forward with the process of entry and registration based on the direction on the following website, Particularly for the entry and registration, please refer to the Chapter 5 of Pre-Tournament Manual on that website. 

  1. Practice day on May 23 or 24 and competition days in May 25-28 *If you communicate your arrival day and interest in training time, we can look to block out some time for you. The practice court may not be the actual court used for PVL Women's Championship.
  2. Tournament check in on May 23 or 24
  3. Entry fee: $1,250
  4. Deadline for entry and registration: April 4, 5:00 PM MT
  5. Please send the electronic 2013 entry form from AES and a check for the entry fee ($1,250) to USA Volleyball (4065 Sinton Rd., Ste. 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80907-5096) via mail until the deadline.
  6. Hotel check in on May 24 and check out on May 29 *Additional nights are at each team’s expense.
  7. Four rooms of GALT HOUSE HOTEL are assigned to each team.  *Additional rooms are at each team’s expense.
  8. If you choose another hotel to stay during the PVL Women’s Championship, we will deduct the fair cost of accommodation ($127 x 4 rooms x 5 nights) from a bill for you.
  9. Hotel booking: Please call the following THS contacts:  Johana Ramirez (888-536-8326 x138, or Evan Levitt (908-439-6110,
  10. USA Volleyball membership MUST BE VERIFIED for all players entering the PVL Women’s Championship.
  11. If you have any college players who have not concluded their college eligibility for both indoor and sand volleyball, USA Volleyball highly recommends you and the players to inquire their college athletic department’s compliant offices of their participation in the PVL Women’s Championship with prize money.
  12. As far as team composition in the PVL Championships, a PVL team may consist of a maximum of 15 players and five coaches/staff personnel. In the registration being closed on April 4, you do not have to complete filling out your roster. Prior to the May 3rd roster change deadline you may re-enter the on-line entry system to access your data using your username and password, complete player data and add the player(s) to your roster. After the May 3rd roster deadline you will need to complete any and all roster changes on-site with proper paperwork.  See the Chapter 1 of the Pre-Tournament Manual for fees associated with adding players to your roster after May 3.
  13. Tournament ball: Molten V5M5000

PVL Women's Event in the USA Volleyball Girls' Junior National Championships
at the Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX
in June 29-July 3
*The top 4 teams finishing at the PVL Women's Championship in May, who are able to participate, are eligible to compete in this PVL Event.
**Arrival & Training on June 28
***Pool Play Bracket in June 29-July 1
****Play off Bracket in July 2-3
*****Check out & Departure on July 4