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 1. What is the timeline of the Coaches' Clinic?

Coaches will arrive to Colorado Springs on Thursday, February 6. The Clinic will start at 6:00 PM; however, the first session will be off OTC grounds, so plan to arrive at the OTC by 3:00. The Clinic will end Saturday, February 8, at 9:00 PM; however, coaches typically spend the night and depart Sunday morning.

 2. Can I request a roommate?

When you go through the registration process, you will be asked if you have a preference of who you would like to room with. We will do our best to honor your requests, but we cannot make any guarantees. There will be 2-3 people per room in the dorms at the OTC.

 3. What if I don't get my travel itinerary submitted by January 25?

The OTC shuttle will only pick up coaches from the Colorado Springs Airport ONLY who have submitted their travel itinerary prior to January 17. If your itinerary is not submitted, you will be responsible for finding your own transportation to/from the OTC.

 4. What are the topics that will be covered at this year's Clinic?

2013 topics that were covered include:

A Look into the National Team Gym - Skill Training Emphasis & System Emphasis

Setting - Decision Making Training for Top Setters

Standard Activation Exercises

Blocking - Developing Blocking Strategies

Blocking - Training to Integrate Blocking Strategies

Serving - The Best Servers in the World

Defense - How to maximize your defense based on player strengths

Hot Topics concerning Strength and Conditioning, Sports Medicine and Nutrition

Reading - fast-track the learning curve

From Injury Prevention to Optimizing Performance at Any Age

What Matters Most - Discussion on Stats and Measures

Serve Receive - Pulling on your shorts for greatness

Attacking - How to maintain offensive pressure

Maximizing Motivation - Tool for keeping athletes engaged

Players Turned Coach - Getting Past the Stigma