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Tryouts: What to expect

Check-in and registration starts 1 ½ hours prior to the tryout. You are welcome to check-in anytime within that time, though most athletes are more comfortable at the tryout when arriving early. If you are registering as a walk-up it is recommended that you arrive no later than 30 minutes early to the tryout.

When you arrive, you will get in the check-in line either just outside the gym or right inside the gym. You should make sure you have your 2014 Player Medical Release completely filled out and signed in all appropriate places. 
There will be a line for athletes who have pre-registered and another line for athletes who do not have internet access and need to register onsite. 

Make sure to pick up a parents’ meeting handout regardless of if your parents are with you or not. There is lots of great information there about USAV HP.

Once you have turned in your paperwork, you will receive your numbered tryout shirt. The number is randomly assigned to you - it is just a way for the coaches to identify and easily evaluate you. You will want to put your shirt on right away.

When it is time to start, the coaches will pull the athletes together and have a short meeting.
Right after the athletes’ meeting, the parents will meet at an on-site location and have an informational meeting of their own with a USAV Staff Member.
Some coaches will be leading the drills, while others will be strictly evaluating. Remember, this is a tryout not a camp, so the coaches will probably not give you any coaching or feedback – they are just there to either run the drills or evaluate your play.
You will be evaluated on all skills pertinent to your position. This means that the drills and activities that you do at the tryout will depend completely on the position in which you tryout.
At the end of the tryout, there may be a small wrap-up meeting.
The more important thing is that you have fun and enjoy playing the game of volleyball! The USAV HP Evaluators are experts at their craft - they can judge your ability and potential just by watching you play for a short time, so the more you work hard and really enjoy yourself, the more it will show in your evaluation
Boys’ results will be posted in March and Girls’ results will be posted between April 30th and May 8th, 2014.

If you have any tryout-related questions, please email us at