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Tryout Results

Results Posting Timing
USAV High Performance puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into the athlete selections and wants to ensure that each player is invited to the program most appropriate for them. As such, posting dates and times start very broad and get more specific as the date gets closer to give HP whatever time is necessary to ensure accuracy. As the posting window gets closer, the website will give a smaller, more specific window of just a few days. As those days approach, USAV HP will update with the actual date that each age group (Future Select, Select, Youth, and Junior) will post. Even more specific, on the date of the posting, the website will indicate exactly what time one should check back for the posting results.

Post-Tryout E-mails
Following each tryout, attending athletes will receive an informational e-mail
that includes a link to tryout results, once they are posted. Please save this e-mail  for the posting date so you can find your results.

Tryout Evaluations
USA Volleyball High Performance releases tryout evaluation results by way of posting programs only. USAV HP does not release any additional information about tryout evaluations to participants or their families. However, all players who participate in a USAV HP Program will receive a comprehensive evaluation by e-mail in the weeks following camp. The information in that evaluation is very helpful with regard to identifying the athlete's strengths and things that need improvement, as it is very specific and designed to be used to guide the athlete's training throughout the year.

Region High Performance
Please know that Region High Performance programs WILL NOT be posted on this website. If you tried out for a High Performance Program in your Region, you will need to contact that region for your tryout results. Please click here for contact information for Region HP Programs. If you were invited to both a Region HP and a USAV HP Program, please click here for more information as to how to determine in which program you should participate.

Attending Multiple Tryouts
Athletes who attend more than one tryout in a given year will receive an invitation for a program based on the tryout at which he or she was evaluated higher. If an athlete tries out in different positions at multiple tryouts, he or she will receive an invitation for the position at which he or she had a stronger evaluation. Please know that in almost ALL cases when players try out in two positions at two tryouts, the evaluation at each tryout places the athlete in the same level program. Athletes are invited to programs by position and may not switch to another position for the program, so choose wisely!

1. Program Invitation – USA National A3 or National Skills Program Invitation
For these two program levels, invitations are made to a program level (either A3 or Skills Program) and then each level offers one or more locations as options for attending that level. Within a program level, the only difference between each program location is the location itself. Athletes invited to a particular level are welcome to register for any location available in that level. All A3 and National Skills Programs must be paid for online using a credit card.

There are a limited number of spots available to each of these levels of programming, and more athletes are invited than there are spots available. This means that if you are interested in attending the camp program you should register IMMEDIATELY. It is a “race to sign up,” and often, popular locations will fill WITHIN THE DAY OF POSTING, so it is imperative that you pay close attention to the posting day and you register right away. For each individual program there are not only a limited number of spots, but those spots are broken up into positions, as well. Athletes must register for the position in which he or she tried out and made a program – players who register under a different position will be immediately canceled from the program. A program will often be broken up in the proportions below:

32 Athlete Camp

1. 12 Outside Hitters

2. 8 Middle Blockers

3. 6 Setters

4. 6 Liberos

The proportions of players in each position are essential to a successful training experience and match the proportions of many volleyball teams. Once a particular position in a program location is full, then players in that position must register for another location. If available. This is why is it so important to register right away!

Waitlist – once a program location is closed to a particular position, athletes should sign up for the Waitlist spot to save a position in the program should one come available. Often athletes will cancel out of a program for unforeseen reasons, transfer program locations, or be offered a higher level program invitation. In these cases, spots become available and will be offered to the next athlete in that position on the Waitlist via e-mail. Athletes who do not register for the Waitlist online right away will not be considered for positions.

2. National Team, A1, A2, and Continental Team Invitations (also Future Select National Training Program)
These invitations include selection to a National Team that will travel internationally (Junior National Team or Youth National Team) or to a Team Program that will attend the High Performance Championships or the National A2 Invitational Program. Future Select National Training Program invitations also fall under this category. For these programs, the exact number of athletes needed for the team or program are invited to the program, so an invitation is personal to an athlete for a specific spot on the team or program. As such, these invitations are extremely time-sensitive . If invited to one of these programs, please be sure to pay attention to the instructions on how to register and the applicable deadlines. Once the deadline has passed for your invitation, you will lose the opportunity to attend the program and another athlete will be invited.

In some years, posting for the Youth or Junior National Team will be an invitation to a second tryout. The invitation will be extended to the top 19 – 24 athletes in the country from which the 12 player roster will be chosen by the current team coaches. Often this second tryout is located at a United States Olympic Training Center, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Chula Vista, California; Lake Placid, NY; Edmond, OK; and other locations across the country.

3. Alternate Notification and Program Invitation
In some cases, athletes will be invited to a particular program but will ALSO be notified that they are alternates to another program. An alternate may receive an invitation to the program for which he or she is an alternate if another player who was initially invited turns down the opportunity, providing a spot for the alternate to slot into. The order in which alternates will be invited to open spots will depend on the athlete’s spot in the athlete depth chart in their position. USA Volleyball HP does not release the position an alternate holds in the depth chart but will notify an athlete by e-mail as a spot becomes available. Only time will tell when a spot may become available, so unfortunately USAV HP is unable to provide a timeline as to when a position may open up.

Athletes who are notified of being an alternate will need to register online for their spot in the selected program within 48 hours. It is essential that anyone who is notified of being an alternate attend to the posted deadlines so as not to lose an opportunity. In addition, all invitations from the alternate list are made by e-mail only, so be sure to register for tryouts with a valid e-mail and check that e-mail daily after tryout results posting.

Athletes who are notified of being an alternate to one program are also invited to the program just below the program for which he or she is an alternate (A1 alternates are invited to a Continental Team or A2 program, A2 Alternates are invited to an A3 Program, etc.). Athletes interested in participating in the program for which there is an invitation are strongly recommended to sign up immediately as positions in programs fill very fast (please see #1 above for more information). Should a spot come open in the higher program, the fee for the program for which the athlete registered will be applied towards the fee for the higher program. As an alternate, however, it is highly recommended that athletes not book travel for a program until receiving an e-mail confirming that all positions have been filled.

4. No Invitation to a Program
USA Volleyball High Performance works to advance volleyball talent and build a broad and strong pipeline of athlete and coaches for our USA Olympic Teams. While USAV HP strives to allow as many athletes the opportunity to participate as possible, unfortunately not every athlete will be afforded an opportunity for that particular year.

Understand that athletes who attend USA Volleyball High Performance tryouts are, on the whole, a more advanced group of volleyball players than one finds at junior high, high school, or club volleyball tryouts. Most athletes who try out for USAV HP are seasoned club players; every player has made the decision to take the time to try out (often coming early or staying late before or after a tough 3-day tournament); and most all have made the decision that the opportunity to play volleyball at a higher level is something that they desire. USAV High Performance Programs showcase the most competitive volleyball in the United States, and unfortunately not every athlete will have the opportunity to play in a given year. Please click here for what USAV HP is looking for at tryouts.

Athletes who do not make a program should not be discouraged. USAV HP values highly hard work, determination, and improvement over time. Every year is a new tryout year and HP looks forward to athletes trying out in the following year and working to make a program or a higher level program. In the meantime, athletes who do not make USAV HP Programs should contact their club or region for camps local to their geographical area. There are excellent camps being operated in all parts of the country – your region can help with identifying a great place to train over the summer.

Additional Information
At times, athletes or their families believe that the athlete should have been invited to a different program level than the invitation indicates. Please remember that there are multiple evaluators at USAV HP tryouts, which means that HP received feedback from a number of coaches on each athlete in order to determine program placement. USAV HP evaluators typically work tryouts at a number of locations across the country and are experts at volleyball evaluation on a national scale. Many athletes who try out for USAV HP are all-stars on their school teams, the top player on their club teams, and top point scorers on any team on which they play - High Performance is competitive which is one of the things that makes the program so special.

Athletes who attend programs in their evaluated program have the opportunity work hard and establish themselves as a standout in that program. As USAV HP consists of an Athlete Pipeline, success in a program one year will provide a greater possibility of moving up in the Pipeline based on the evaluation from that summer program. The evaluation opportunity at a program, is 4 – 10 days verses a 3 hour tryout making the evaluations from programs even more definitive than a tryout evaluation.

While it is beneficial to participate in programs, it is not harmful to the next year's placement to not participate. Athletes who are not able to attend the program to which they were invited in a particular year are in no way penalized for not attending a program. Athletes who did not participate in a program in the year previous will have a clean slate going into the current year's tryouts and will establish themselves at the current evaluated level for placement in that year.