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Boys' HP Tryout Results

Dear 2014 HP Tryout Participant:

Many thanks to the athletes who joined us at a USA Volleyball Boys’ HP tryout this year, competing for a spot on a USA High Performance program.  That competition was fierce; and we appreciate your efforts to become the best volleyball player you can be.  You guys left it all out on the court!

Competitiveness is an important part of our game.  When our top USA coaches discuss players at a tryout, I often hear assessments such as: “That athlete really knows how to compete at a very high level” or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, assessments such as: “That young man has lapses in his competitiveness and seems to  disappear for many plays at a time.”

What other things do USA evaluators look for in an elite volleyball player?  Interestingly, the higher up the pipeline you go in volleyball, the more that “fundamentals” become critical to a player’s success.  This includes competitiveness, effort and court awareness; and it also has to do with the techniques you began to learn when you first picked up a volleyball.  As the speed and power of the ball increase in the higher levels of the sport, any flaws in your technique or inefficiencies in your movement are exposed.  These flaws and inefficiencies becoming the limiting factor on the path to greatness.

So listen to your coach!

This year’s Boys’ HP program includes a wonderful selection of training and competition opportunities.  Our Men’s Junior and Boys’ Youth USA National Teams will both participate in their respective NORCECA Continental Championships in an effort to qualify the 2015 teams for World Championships.  The US High Performance Championships will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma; and this event will continue to be the flagship of our USA HP programs.  The Future Select A1 Program will again be held at the Colorado Springs OTC; and our A2 and A3 programs will again be staffed by some of the best coaches in the country.

Finally, I would like to personally thank the very many boys’ and men’s coaches across the country who make the USA High Performance program a complete success – from tryouts to camps to teams.  Without the knowledge, insight, dedication and teaching skills of this coaching cadre,  HP would not be what it is today.  Thank you.

Best of luck in all of your volleyball endeavors.  

Collin Powers, Director USA Volleyball High Performance Department