Article Links from John Kessel's Growing the Game Newsletter for May 28, 2014

Video: Five Lessons from Olympians
Video: Jordan Larson on Attacking
Article: 10-year-old Golfer Qualifies for U.S. Women's Open
Article: The Problem for Sports Parents: Overspending
Article: Smart Strategies that Help Students Learn How to Learn

Article links from John Kessel's Growing the Game Newsletter, May 13, 2014

Video: Better to Travel in Groups
Video: Volleyball Trick Shots by Knack Volley
Video: Knack Volley Bloopers
Video: David Lee Talks Blocking
Article: Tradition
Article: Mind/Shift - How We Learn
Article: Tips on Raising a Champion
Books/Magazines: Sports Performance and Tech Magazine
Hidden Gems: Flipboard

Article links from John Kessel's Growing the Game, April 3, 2014

Video: Life without Sports
Video: The Gold Mine Effect - How to Find Undervalued Talent
Video: Berlin Recycling Playing 3M Line Tennis
Video: Feedback – The Power of Questions
SafeSport: Locker Rooms and On-Site Private Spaces
The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports
Mental Imagery
Five Things Mentally Tough People Don't Do

Article links from John Kessel's Growing the Game, March 13, 2014

VIDEO: Funny Moments in Volleyball

IMPORTANT NEWS - MAGIC SPORTS KIT: Scotland’s coaching program presents this short but wonderful video of kids in a message needed to be seen by every sports parent. Watch it here
The idea of a “magic” equipment item was first done by a Canadian hockey kid, in this four minute Magic Hockey Helmet speech seen by nearly half a million people. View it here

CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS: Wow, what a climb & topic/video for Team discussion – not to mention use of GoPro cameras. See it here


DEBUNKING THE 10,000 MYTH: How top-down attention, feedback loops, and daydreaming play into the science of success. Find it here

DISAPPOINTMENT CAN BE A BLESSING: A superb article by basketball player Chiney Ogwumike that completely applies to the team sport of volleyball too. Click here for more

PERU AND SWITZERLAND OFFER A GOLD MEDAL MOMENT: One of those great examples of sportsmanship. Read more here

GIFT OF A SKI TO A COMPETITOR DURING THE RACE: A Canadian coach, who is an American married to a Canadian competitor, gives a Russian Cross Country skier a replacement ski. Find it here

SOCHI POLAR BEAR MASCOT STRUGGLES TO FIT INTO CAR: Too cute, and the bear never stopped smiling. Click here for more

Article links from John Kessel's Growing the Game, Feb. 25, 2014 

IMPORTANT NEWS - SMASHBAL: If you only view or read one of this issue’s learning highlights make it this one so you can better grow the game for younger players. You’ll also understand why Olympian Ryan Millar has such a look of wonder on the cover of the USAV MiniVolley book. Watch it here

BUILDING ON SUCCESS: Karch Kiraly talks to Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports about building on the past success of the USA Volleyball program. He also explains why everything goes through Team Brazil in the next Olympic Games. See Karch now

REAL BALL CONTROL: So many volleyball coaches speak about ball control – well THIS gal has it…specificity in training matters however. View it here

The Reading Room

STOP ABUSE IN SPORTS: Is your coaching style helpful or hurtful to your athletes? Find out here

DEAR MR. MANNING: Broncos fan I may be, but this letter to Peyton shares great examples and topics to help ANY sport team to be stronger through leadership and character. Find it here

THREE THINGS ATHLETES NEED TO SUCCEED: The single greatest factor that affects an athlete's performance is state of mind. The greatest talent and coaching don't get you anywhere if your mindset is off. Click here for more

SOCHI OLYMPICS INSIGHTS: An article about how the science helps an Olympian see what is important. Read more

Hidden Gems

PLAYING VOLLEYBALL IN YOUR NINETIES: The JOY of this lifetime sport - Thanks to the FIVB for the heads up on this great Norwegian International Film Festival Trailer. Click here for more

Article links from John Kessel's Growing the Game, Jan. 23, 2014

Some solid observations on how to optimize speed and skill in any sport including a chart of the impact of fatigue in training. Find it here

A New York Times article on skier Mikaela Shiffrin's rise. Some of the training came from her parents, so some interesting ideas here. Clich here for more

Eric Hodgson's writings really need to be read by all coaching our sport – this one is about passion, teamwork and doing things outside the box plus a link to a great video worth showing your athletes and parents. Read more

Seven Crippling Parent Behaviors that Stop Their Child from Growing into Leaders – What a GREAT article, to share with every parent in your club! Find it here