USA Volleyball partners with many organizations to provide grant assistance to various programming areas in our sport. Information and applications for those follow
2016 Molten Diversity Grant - Molten Diversity Grants aim to increase diversity programming in economically disadvantaged areas of America. Download the application today.
2016 GRO (Grassroots Outreach) Grant - This grant is available to USA Volleyball Regional Volleyball Associations, clubs, grassroots programs or individuals that wish to further training of coaches, players and/or parents through clinics or various programming. This grant may also be used to help fund facility and equipment needs. This grant is available for indoor, sand, and sitting. The recipients to receive funding will be selected through an application process.

Starkidz - For Starlings USA programs funding to help create programs for boys and girls 11-and-under, coached by Starlings players, is available.

2016 Boys' and Men's Programming Grants - 12U & 13U Club Incentive ProgramBoys Scholastic Volleyball Grant Program, and Men's Collegiate Grant Program ( Men's Collegiate Grant closed for 2016 ). For more information on grants regarding developing boys and men's volleyball contact