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The USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation Program (USAV-CAP) provides an opportunity for professional preparation and advancement for the volleyball coach. The curriculum addresses the essential topics for the volunteer and the internationally aspiring coach.

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Free Resources: 

Growing the Game Together Volume I – Coaches and Club Director Edition, compilation featuring posts from the Grow the Game Together blog from 2008 to 2012.

Growing the Game Together Volume II - This downloadable PDF contains all of John Kessel's Growing the Game Blogs from 2013 to May 10, 2014. 

TEAM USA Mobile Coach App-Get exclusive content from USAV including our "evolution drills" that are only available to USAV members through the USOC App.  You also can learn more about the Olympics, Paralympics as well as Beach and Sitting Volleyball!  Have everything you need at your fingertips! 

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Summer Camp Manual - This is a downloadable PDF to help you plan your next summer camp. 

National Federation of State High School Associations Learning Center - NFHS offers Fundamentals of Coaching Volleyball

What can a player control - To help your players understand the difference between things they can and cannot control. Here is a great article to help you help them understand 

USAV Minivolley - Almost 40 years of ideas - rules and the spirit of the rules, scoring variations, movement games, skills, core concepts, "secrets," game options, winning the serve pass war, and much more. These ideas will help any program of any age. They are especially directed to assist program coaches and teachers in running better youth and novice training. The 2012 edition of the Minivolley book is also available in Spanish and Italian

Seven Speeds of Volleyball - The concept of seven-speeds is based on the work of soccer researcher and author Jurgen Weineck.

USA Volleyball Coloring Book - Give your child, youth teams or nieces and nephews a copy of this ALL volleyball characters coloring book. If you have a volleyball drawing or two that you have done and wish to donate to the next edition, email to

Charting Manual – Charting allows you to gather not just “stats” but information on where the ball started and ended in each of the traditional statistics gathered. There are many apps now which do this, but if you want a paper option, this manual sums things up best. 

USA Volleyball Crossword Puzzle - Here is a fun volleyball based crossword puzzle that you can download for your players to test their knowledge of the game and here is the answer key

Volleyball Canyons to Bridge - Reflections on the gaps between training and competition.

Importance of Optimizing Meaningful Touches - There is no greater joy for kids than learning a new skill or taking their game to the next level. It is impossible for that to happen if they don't have a chance to a sufficient number of meaningful touches in practice. 

From Positive to Perfection - The title says it all - to first teach positive errors on the path to perfection, in every training.

25 Questions for Volleyball Coaches - This is a list of questions that should guide everyone towards being a better coach...

Player Info Front and Back - Have your players fill these sheets out in order to get to know who they are and show them you care. 

Kessel's Handy Guide to Ruining a Player -  These guidelines and suggestions will insure that you, your ego, and its desire to win will take precedence over any individual or team development situation.

Offside Hitting - The concept of offside skills is not new to sport. In basketball a player dribbles with either hand. In lacrosse the players must have the ability to shoot from either side. In soccer the players have to be able to put the ball in the net using either foot.

An Open Letter to all Coaching 14 and Under 

Injury Prevention Through Proper Reading and Anticipation -Volleyball is a unique sport in that it's both cyclic and acyclic in nature. 

Holding a Successful One Time Kids Skill Clinic - This short article presents the core framework for putting on a successful, non-traditional clinic, of varying length. 

Coaching Coaches - 10 things to Think About by Chuck Wielgus, Executive Director, USA Swimming.

Crosstraining in Volleyball - Most coaches are not aware of the many options to play the game of volleyball. 

Volleyball Jargon - Humorous and serious, a collection of most the unique words found in volleyball.

Dear Vocal Coach- Please read the following email from a dear friend, whose daughter plays volleyball. The names have been changed, and some sentences deleted, but none added/created by me, to make it be more of a generic version of what I see at USA Volleyball on a weekly basis.

Guide to Volleyball Basics - This guide is intended to help you attain a basic understanding of the game of volleyball. 

How to Make Drills that Work for your Team - At almost every coach's clinic that I teach, most of the coaches in attendance want to come away from that clinic with a large notebook full of drills that they can take home and use in their practices to make their team the best in the league. 

How to Start a Junior Volleyball Program - This is a very quick starting a junior volleyball program guide. 

My Favorite Coach - He knows that kids don't care how much he knows about this sport, until they know how much he cares about them.

My Favorite Player - After thirty plus years of coaching in this great sport, I think it is time to tell you who my favorite player is. 

It's Not Where you Are, It's Who You Are - This started as an email I sent to the top five USA Team battling to qualify as the two 2000 Beach Volleyball Teams for each gender. Originally, I titled this article "How to Excel Under Any Coach."

Suggested Book Readings for Youth Coaches -Fourteen top books worth reading if you are coaching players under the age of 18.

Quality over Quantity - by Ryan Millar, 2008 Olympic Gold medalist and USAV CAP Cadre member.

Splinter Siblings - Dear Coach, I am becoming frustrated with my lack of court time during matches. My coach keeps telling me that I am improving, but I keep having to get tweezers on to my splinters after each game. I have thought about changing clubs but I would prefer to stay where I am, as I enjoy the atmosphere in this club.

Things I have Learned the Hard Way - What I learn or teach in the classroom can only be truly understood by coaching in a gym. ...No matter how much I care, some players don't know how to care back, so I must teach them and remain steadfast as a role model in caring.

Cloth/Balloon Volleyball - A pattern and instructions for creating a simple cloth covered, balloon volleyball for children.

Use of the Court Without Use of the Net Poster - A simple one page "poster" to put up on your standards or gym walls, and share with coaching staff to remind you to start using the net in the precious couple of hours you have

Training Tools for Junior and Youth Volleyball - These are successful training items I have created and used in the last 35 years of coaching kids - all of which are inexpensive and thus can be done at any grassroots level. 

Creating a Boys Volleyball Team at Your School - Learn some basic steps to bring boys volleyball to your school.

How to Run a Beach Volleyball Clinic - This article is designed to offer volleyball coaches, sports educators, and sports camp coordinators the resources to operate a successful single day beach volleyball clinic for all ages, kids and adults. This format should fit into a 2-4 hour time frame.

My Top 166 Volleyball Drills from Around the World - EVERY coach asks for new drills to make their kids better, searching the web, attending clinics, reading drill books. After decades of coaching, creating and collecting.

To Win the Gold - This is something I wrote and sent to all the USA Volleyball Beach Olympic Team hopefuls for Sydney back in 2000 when I was team leader for the USA Olympic Beach Teams. Most players in the pipeline wanting to reach this level would benefit from following this same information.

The Most Important Skill in Volleyball - Many coaches spend a great deal of time focusing on the skills of serving, passing, setting, spiking blocking and digging. They add in a virtual verbal barrage of technique comments to each player in practice and even in the middle of games.

The Game Teaches the Game - Often I open coaching courses, at any level, with the following "test" Fill in the blanks -- The game teaches ____ ________. I get all sorts of interesting answers like "good sportsmanship," and "team work" - but the "correct" answer I am seeking is in the title above..."the game." CLICK HERE for the Spanish version.

The 10 New Commandments of Volleyball -  I offer to you the ten most important traditions and coaching methods I wish you would change to....

Volleyball Excuse List Handout for Players - This list is intended to simplify the problem of selecting the proper alibi to suit the occasion. 

Wash Scoring Drills - Some history -- In 1984, when the USA men were in the process of preparing for what was to be their gold medal performance in the Los Angeles Olympics, Bill Neville, their highly imaginative assistant coach, designed a scrimmage-like game he called the "wash" drill. 

Creating and Growing Great Volleyball Programs - Starting a successful volleyball program only takes the passion and spirit of one person to begin. 

Top Ten Secrets About Coaching Kids in Volleyball - These are the key ideas to make kids volleyball a success for younger kids in any program.

My Favorite Games & Scoring Variations - A list of various volleyball games, drills and how to score them. 

Report Obfuscator Options - When you need an authoritative phrase for a volleyball report for school, pull a three-digit number out of the air and select the corresponding words from the three columns. 

Team Travel Ideas - Experienced parents, and coaches, know that travel by car is a necessary time eater of any sports program. Why not make it more fun and educational.

USA Volleyball Skills Contest - USA Volleyball developed a volleyball skills contest.

USA Volleyball History - All about volleyball and USA Volleyball's beginnings. 

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