#USAVOpen coming to Phoenix

May 20, 2014, 11:50 a.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Downtown Phoenix will host the 2014 USA Volleyball Open National Championships, along with the 526 teams the event boasts. Matches will be streamed online at usavolleyball.org from May 23-28.

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Coverage throughout the USAV Open will include: live streaming of four pre-selected courts, including championship court, live coverage via Twitter and the #USAVopen hashtag, behind the scenes with USA Volleyball’s Instagram and photos throughout the week.

The 2014 #USAVopen features 289 men’s teams, 220 on the women’s side, 14 Special Olympics squads, six teams in the sitting discipline and 69 international teams.

Also competing this week in the Open is the Premier Volleyball League, with 12 men’s and 14 women’s teams. The PVL is an adult High Performance initiative based on the USA Volleyball Region system, but operates under a professional sports model. The PVL is sanctioned by USA Volleyball and offers tournament play, PVL Conference Championships and a national championship event each year. 

Sweating with the oldies – there are six divisions for ages 60 and up, including a men’s 79!
Arizona at the Open – The host state has 37 teams competing, 16 of which are in divisions 40 and up. Club Arizona PVL has a men’s and women’s team (Arizona Sizzle) competing in PVL play.
Special Olympics – 14 teams will be competing in this year’s Opens.
International delight – 69 teams hail from outside the USA, including 32 from Brazil and 17 from Venezuela. 

Breakdown of teams by regions 
Alaska  2     Great Lakes  29     North Country  8     Western Empire 
Aloha 5   Great Plains 2   North Texas 4      
Arizona 37   Gulf Coast 4   Northern California  20      
Badger 14   Heart of America 2   Ohio Valley 3      
Bayou 2   Hoosier 2   Oklahoma 8      
Carolina 4   Intermountain  7   Old Dominion 10      
Chesapeake 25   Iowa 10   Pioneer 2      
Columbia Empire 7   Iroquois Empire 13   Puget Sound 9      
Evergreen 4   Keystone 9   Rocky Mountain 41      
Florida 5   Lakeshore 2   Southern 4      
Garden Empire 45   Lone Star 10   Southern California  46      
Gateway 2   New England 40   Sun Country 8      

The USA Volleyball Open National Championships was founded in 1928 and is in its 85th year of competition. Except for 1943 and 1944 during the height of World War II, the Open has been a mainstay celebrating adult volleyball nationally. The event is one of the largest national championships in any sport in the United States and the Open has featured the sport of volleyball from coast-to-coast.

Prior to the Open Championships, USA Volleyball hosts its Annual Meetings throughout the week and the Boyce Banquet on May 21 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel. This year we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Olympics. Those Games mark the introduction of volleyball into the Olympics, as well as the first Games for women’s team competition. Learn more about the Boyce Banquet and 1964 celebration.