Collegiate Sand Championships Meet Stetson

May 02, 2014, 10:53 p.m. (ET)

Meet the 2014 Sand Championships Field – Stetson

We caught up with senior Kaley Melville and junior Julie Bassett which make up Stetson’s No. 1 pair team. The duo made an appearance in the 2012 championship and are riding momentum from capturing the Atlantic Sun title last month.  

USA Volleyball: What’s the feeling coming back here, but this time with the entire team?

Julie: Last time it was just us and I was a freshman with a little bit of jitters. This time it’s our whole team. I know that when I’m playing, my whole team will be on the sidelines cheering. That will give me confidence and the entire team confidence to do well.

You’re riding high off an Atlantic Sun title. What’s the biggest key to your momentum right now?

Kaley: Staying on that high. These are the best teams in the nation, it’s not our conference anymore. Every team we go up against will be ready – hopefully we are too!

Toughest competition while you’re here?

Julie: We’ve worked so hard to get here, I say it’s ourselves. Believing that we have the ability to compete with these teams and to do our best.

What are some tips for those starting on sand?

Kaley: I know where you’re coming from. I just started sand three seasons ago, I’m an indoor crossover. The biggest thing out here that’s different than indoor, you have to take every single point for what it is. You can’t hold a grudge over a bad play. This game is super physical and there is always going to be a way to score. You have to let the bad ones go, embrace the good ones and keep moving forward.

Most looking forward to while here at the championships?

Kaley: Since we were here just two years ago, we’re already integrated in the scene. I know the team is really excited, they’ve wanted to come the last three years. For us to get a chance to show them it’s great. For us, we want to give a better showing than last time.